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Abhishek and Kittie

Skin Disease

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Eating Disorder

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We are a group of pet parents who would do whatever it takes to keep their pets healthy, happy, and safe, and we want the same for other pet parents as well.

Wagr helps with access to easy and affordable vet care, pet essentials, and expert pet advice. All pets deserve the best care, and we provide the best for every pet parent. ​

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I trust this process?

We have a thorough verification process for all our vets. This includes verification of medical license, review of his/her medical knowledge by our veterinary advisory panel, a training process that covers diagnoses, prescriptions and quality of service, and a probation period overseen by our top vets. 

What issues can be diagnosed?

Over 60% of pet issues can be diagnosed by veterinary doctors online. This includes various skin and hair conditions, stomach, diet or digestive related issues and others. For critical cases like loss of blood, loss of consciousness etc, please rush to your nearest veterinary clinic immediately.

How does the consult happen?

The doctor will conduct his/her consultation via a video call to check the condition of your pet, listen to your concerns and suggest a diagnosis and prescription. Chat-only function is also available.

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When my dog started puking everything he was eating, I got very very worried. I was having a trouble finding a good vet in my area, but I fond Wagr on Google and they resolved my issue superfast. 

July, 2021

Himanshi and Champ

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My dog, Leo was vomiting everything he was eating. Dr. Indhuja correctly daignosed the issue as indigestion and prescribed the right medicines. Thank you for the great consultation. I'll definitely use Wagr again!

December, 2021

Ponni and Leo

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I took a second opinion from Dr. Champak for my dog's hind leg pain and excessive dandruff. He is recovering well and  I'd recommend Wagr to everyone who's looking for inexpensive,  unbiased medical advice for their pets.

January, 2022

Suryash and Baxter

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Different species of animals require different treatment methods. Our team of expert vets offers reliable, timely, and personalized services to all animals.

Hear from our Happy Pet Parents

Abhishek and Kittie

Skin Disease

Srithama and Fufu


Shruti and Instie

Eating Disorder

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