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Fresh For Paws

Fresh for Paws Pumpkin' It Up

Fresh for Paws Pumpkin' It Up

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As the name suggests pumpkin’ it up is filled with the goodness of pumpkin and other ingredients - green lentils, chickpeas, squash, kale, quinoa, spinach, hemp oil, pumpkin seeds, basil & stock. It is a grain- free and our last vegan recipe. Packed with vitamin A, B1, B6, C, E & K and minerals - iron, potassium, calcium, & magnesium. It is highly digestible, full of plant protein, fibre, low on fat and calories. The high water content in pumpkin & squash also contributes to supple skin and a lustrous coat. All these ingredients help develop stronger muscles, kidneys, nerves & healthy heart and brain.

It supports vision and colon health, liver detoxification, and fight off infections. It’s rich in beta- carotene, omega 3 & 6 and antioxidants. It has a perfect balance of omegas 3, 6 & 9.

The biggest benefit quinoa has to offer is all 9 of the essential amino acids. These amino acids cannot be produced by dogs, so getting them through their diet is very important. It has anti – inflammatory properties, heals allergies, arthritis pain and strengthens immunity. Pumpkin seeds act as a natural de- wormer to get rid of tapeworms and other intestinal parasites. All these make it a complete & balanced meal.




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