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    Fofos Tofu & Crushed Bentonite Cat Litter, 6L

    Fofos Tofu & Crushed Bentonite Cat Litter, 6L

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    Introducing Fofos - the perfect litter sand for cats! A carefully curated blend of pea husk and natural Bentonite clay powder, this cat litter sand offers maximum absorption and high odour retention. With its 70:30 ratio, it guarantees the strongest of clumping and fast sifting, so you can effortlessly scoop the clumped area for a clean litter box every time.

    This cat sand is made with 100% natural Materials – pea husk (70%) and natural Bentonite clay powder (30%). The low tracking formula of the litter pellets is due to them being smaller than average and non-sticky, keeping them from getting stuck in your cat's paws.

    For the ultimate experience, fill the cat litter box with Fofos cat litter and make sure the litter height is at least 7cm tall. For larger litter boxes, 2 bags will be needed for the first time only, resulting in faster clumping and less odour over time. And don't forget to scoop the poop at least once a day!

    THE GOLDEN RATIO: 70% Tofu cat sand and 30% Bentonite cat sand provide stronger clumping, higher absorption and effortless scooping, making refills less frequent. The tofu pellets are 1.5 MM in size, offering more surface area for maximum absorption.
    FLUSHABLE: The biodegradable design makes the affected area and only the affected area solidify, offering effortless sifting and being easily flushable.
    HIGH ODOUR CONTROL: The pellets in this litter sand help lock in liquids and scents, keeping the litter box pleasant. The natural scent helps with odour removal and retention.
    LOW TRACKING & DUST: The softer, smaller pellets don't get caught in the webbing of your cat's paws and are 99% dust free.





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