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Cure By Design

Cure By Design Hemp Oil with 500mg CBD

Cure By Design Hemp Oil with 500mg CBD

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Cure By Design’s Hemp Oil for Pets is specially designed to give your pet’s the desired nutrition and enhance its bodily functions, with a mixture of Pure Hemp Seed Oil sourced from farmers from Uttarakhand and 500mg CBD isolate imported from a US- FDA certified company from San Diego, California. The CBD isolate is extracted from a CBD rich hemp plant grown in controlled conditions to yield the top most quality CBD isolate.

Hemp Seed Oil for Pets has been one of our top sellers and it has been well received by the veterinary community to replace Fish Oil or Cord Oil, due to its high amounts of Omega and it contains all essential amino acids.

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs & Cats

-Hip & Joint pain

-Digestive Issues
-Stimulates Appetite

-Reduce Seizures

-Insomnia & Sleeping Issues


-Muscle Tension

-Increased Vitality

-Antioxidant Support

-Neurological Support

-Overall Health & Wellness

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats

-Improves condition of the skin and fur

-Reduces shedding and dandruff

-Strengthens the immune system

-Supports good heart health

-Supports healthy organ function

-Healthy Growth and Development


-Positive effects on brain function.

-Positive effects on fertility/reproduction

Hemp Seed Oil for Pets shows great results with external use too.

-Hemp oil alleviates dry skin

-Improves fur & coat

-Strengthens nails

-Great for a sore cracked nose or paws

-Helps relieve joint pain

How to Use

Oral use:

Directly from the dropper based on Dosage

Add to Pet Food

Treats: Apply few drops on each treat

Topical Use:

For picky eaters, apply on the paw (instinctively they will lick it off)


No Known Allergens.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended.


Dogs and Cats



Life Stage

Adult and Senior

Pet Size

Small, Medium, and Large

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