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    How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home: Here Are Our 4 Secret Tips

    Bringing a furry companion into your home means making changes to your house and lifestyle. You want the house to be your pet’s sanctuary without skimping out on the design.

    Here are a few designing tips and furniture that’ll transform your house into a pet-friendly home and make them feel welcome and loved.

    Choose fur-free upholstery & pet-friendly fabrics

    Pet-friendly furniture

    Furniture can easily transform into a play area and scratch post for your pets. That’s why you’ve to pick upholstery and fabrics that your pets can’t destroy easily. Opt for leather or synthetic fabrics like microfiber, which are resilient to scratches and all the shenanigans your pet pulls.

    If you’re looking for a fabric that you can wash easily, then check out upholstery made from fabrics like vinyl. Avoid velvets, silks, or velour as they’re a magnet for pet fur and are easily damaged by your pets.

    As for furniture, avoid any furniture that doubles as a scratch post or teething toy for your pet. This means avoiding furniture having exposed wood like wicker and rattan. Instead, choose metal or iron furniture, and your fur baby will steer clear of it.

    Paw-friendly flooring

    pet-friendly flooring - pet lying on a bed

    It’s wise to choose flooring options that are easy to clean, especially if you have pets who aren’t potty-trained yet. Ceramics, laminates, and tiles are affordable, don’t retain fur, and can be cleaned or wiped easily. They also regulate temperature and keep your pets sufficiently warm or cool. If you prefer hardwood flooring, go for mahogany or oak, as these woods don’t stain as easily as other types of wooden flooring. Stone tile is increasingly popular in Indian homes and among pet parents for its durability and scratch-resistance.

    Build a pet-friendly play area

    Creating a play area for pets is vital to keeping your pet engaged when you need to be indoors for a long period of time. Setting aside a small play space for your pets doesn’t mean going overboard with luxury. Choose from a variety of interactive toys like balls, puzzles, etc. Kit out the area with a small blanket or bed for your pet to snooze when they’re tired from playing.

    If you have more space, why not consider a jungle gym? Dogs and cats alike love to explore and enjoy climbing in and out of one. Be watchful about your dog’s age, though, as older dogs might be vulnerable to bone problems.

    Adding pet-specific furniture or fittings

    While considering pet furniture, always consider the sizes, durability, stability, and comfort that it offers. Above all, consider ones that can keep the stains away. Whether it's from drool or muddy paws, you need to have sofas and armchairs that can withstand the excitement of a pet. Similarly, you’ll also need pet-specific furniture like scratching posts for cats or dog beds.

    Additionally, add those little touches that help keep your home clean and also let your pet roam without too many restrictions. Imagine this. You’ve just gone out for a walk with your dog after heavy rains. When you come home you wipe your feet at the door but your pet has raced ahead and jumped up onto your sofa with those muddy paws. Keeping a dog gate at the door helps you avoid such mishaps. Look at other fittings like sheer curtains which retain your privacy but at the same time allow your pet to gaze out of the window.

    Have you made some special arrangements for your pet? We would love to know!

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