5 top dog-friendly fabrics for furniture (and the worst)

Updated: Oct 23

Dogs love sofas but sofas hate dogs! We all know that midnight TV is no fun without your pet curled up next to you, but maintaining furniture (among other things) can be a real nightmare when you have a dog. Getting dog-friendly fabric for furniture can simplify cleaning and make your life a whole lot easier.

Rips, scratch marks, stains and clingy fur are here to stay so it’s important to know what’s the best and worst choices out there:

Best dog-friendly fabric: Microfiber

dog on microfiber upholstery

Microfiber is one of the best upholstery options for pet-friendly sofas. This synthetic, soft fabric is easy to maintain. Spills and stains on microfibre can be cleaned with a damp cloth and claw marks can be brushed away easily. This fabric is fairly durable and available in a range of thicknesses. Remember to read the cleaning instructions on your product you choose for best use.

Best dog-friendly fabric: Leather

dog on leather sofa

If you’re looking for pet hair resistant fabric, leather is the way to go. Hair can be brushed off and stains can be cleaned easily.

Another great option is distressed leather as scratch marks can blend in easily. Leather also tends to get more comfortable with use and is perfect if your dog loves lounging on the couch.

Best dog-friendly fabric: Vinyl

dog playing on vinyl seating