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    5 Top Ideas to Celebrate Christmas With Your Pets

    christmas with your pets

    Christmas is a time for family, friends, and gift-giving. And for some of us it also means spending extra time with our pets.

    If you’re thinking about how to make your pet feel as special as all the hoomans in your life, then this is the post for you! In this Christmas special, we’ll explore different ways to make your pet feel loved and give them the gift of a perfect Christmas.

    We hope that this mini-guide will help you create a holiday experience with your furry friend that’s nothing short of merry!

    Make your pet feel special

    The best way to make your pet feel loved is to give them a special gift. Pick out a toy that they haven't had before and give them a new experience. For example, your cats would love to chase a laser pointer around!

    Do something extra special for your pets. Get pet stockings, holiday treats, collars or leashes in holiday colors, fresh accessories - anything different that would make them feel like they are the stars of the week!

    Cook delicious food and treats

    Holiday fever includes stirring up a storm in the kitchen! One way to make your pet feel loved is to cook delicious, healthy food for them. Homemade tuna treats, cheesy snacks and cookies are great options to make your cat or dog drool.

    Here are a couple of tried and tested recipe suggestions from Wagr’s pet parents!

    If your pet loves pasta, this is a great recipe that would work well for any season. It uses beef but you could also use chicken as protein sources so it's an easy meal to throw together. The vegetables can be substituted with whatever your pet prefers too.

    This is a fun and easy-to-make recipe that your cat will love. You could even add in some fresh basil or other herbs for extra flavor. Your little tabby is sure to slurp it all up!

    Dress them in holiday outfits

    Holiday outfits are a great way to make your pet feel special. There are plenty of cute, festive costumes to fit your pet’s size and personality. Make them resplendent in seasonal colors with Christmas sweaters, hats, or just a ribbon around their neck. You could have your own Santa Paws complete with a hat too!

    How about matching, matching outfits? Dress up your pet in the same colored pajamas and unwrap your gifts together on Christmas morning. Or how about getting plaid patterned shirts together for some holiday cheer?

    Whatever you decide on for your holiday outfit, make sure it is comfortable for your pet. Check the kind of material the outfit is made from and watch out for anything that might irritate their skin or fur.

    holiday outfits for pets

    Get pet-friendly holiday decor

    It’s time to deck the halls! But for a truly special holiday season make sure all your decor is enjoyable yet safe for your pet. For instance, use candles and tea lights by all means. Just place them out of your pet’s reach and away from their wagging tails. Switching to mostly battery-operated and electrical lights will solve this problem.

    Similarly, Christmas tree decorations must be chosen with care. Ornaments and baubles are choking hazards and your pet can easily swallow some of those shiny tinsels. Christmas trees must be anchored to the floor as your cat can easily knock it down trying to climb it.

    Start adorable family traditions with your pet

    Start a sweet family tradition this holiday to make your pet feel special. This can be as simple as getting up extra-early on Christmas morning to make your pet their favorite breakfast. Or it could be more involved, like crafting some homemade gifts. Here are some of our favorite ideas to start a memorable holiday tradition:

    • Have a movie marathon

    • Knit a little sweater every year

    • Go volunteering with your pet in a senior home or to an orphanage

    • Have dog or cat parent get together where possible.

    Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s something that your whole family loves and helps create a bond between you and your furry friend.


    There are so many ways to show your furry friends how much you care about them this holiday season. We hope these ideas will inspire you to make their Christmas and the coming year a delight!

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