10 best dog movies: Starring superhero dogs, underdogs & more

Updated: Oct 22

Humans love their dogs, more so because of their unique personalities! We’ve put together a list of the best movies about dogs, for every kind of dog out there! 😀 We promise this dog movies list will leave you in splits, make your heart melt, have you at the edge of your seat and more!

Marley and Me (2008) | For the ‘world’s worst dog’

Marley and me - Movies about dogs

Plot summary: Topsy turvy family life with an adorable troublemaker

A comedy-drama about an aspiring columnist and his large, messy, goofy Labrador, fondly referred to as the world’s worst dog. One of the best dog movies out there, this one has plenty of laughs and relatable dog-parent moments.

Balto (1995) | For the underdog

Best dog movies - Balto

Plot summary: Shunned dog saves a town

This animated adventure is based on the true story of sled dogs that transported medicine from Anchorage to Nome during a diphtheria outbreak in 1925. The movie is a light, fantastic take on this event. Shunned by dogs and humans alike,