How To Build a Bond With Your New Cat According to Behavioral Scientists

Ritu just brought home a new kitten and she is quite excited about Rosie. Yet, Rosie appears to be afraid of Ritu and runs into hiding each time she comes near.

Ritu’s problem is a common one with cats as building a bond with felines is hard work. While some cats make it easier it's tough with others. Misconceptions about cat personalities are many - they’re unsocial, they don’t bond as well as dogs, they’re not very emotional, etc. Studies prove otherwise.

Cats form deep bonds with humans

Research from Oregon State University shows that cats are able to form secure and long-lasting bonds with their humans. When they develop a close relationship with their owners as kittens it lasts all through adulthood too.

That said, cats are famous for being standoffish unlike dogs. But worry not. Behavioral scientists have a few tips that can help owners lay the foundation for a successful human-cat relationship. Here are a few.

Slowly blink at them

New research shows that one of the best ways to bond with a cat is to narrow your eyes and blink at them slowly. Psychologists at the University of Sussex observed ma