8 necessary dog vaccinations to keep in mind

Updated: Jul 16

Looking forward to becoming a dog parent? Before you adopt or foster, here are basic dog vaccinations you need to know about to keep your pet healthy. Typically, young puppies carry immunity against most diseases from their mother’s blood. However as time goes on, this immunity wears off.

Just like human babies, you must vaccinate puppies and adopted dogs as soon as you take them in. Mostly due to their unknown histories. The antigens in vaccines will help immunize against these diseases:

Basic dog vaccinations for street dog

Basic dog vaccinations #1: Canine distemper

A serious disease that affects the respiratory, digestive and nervous system, canine distemper is highly contagious and can cause death. This is an important dog vaccination and might require booster shots as prescribed by your vet.

Basic dog vaccinations #2: Rabies

A viral disease that affects the nervous system, rabies is contagious and can result in fever, seizures, paralysis, hydrophobia and death. Puppies need an initial vaccination around three months of age. This may also require booster shots and regular re-vaccination as prescribed by your vet.

Basic dog vaccinations #3: Parvovirus