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Consult certified veterinarians across India from the comfort of your home using your phone.

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Dr. Champak Naik

“Wagr is one of the most innovative and easy-to-use product for pets in recent years. It's clearly the future of pet health in India.” 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will an online vet consultation cost?

The consultation price is ₹299. This includes a video consultation with a certified veterinary doctor who will be selected based on his/her expertise with your pet's species and breed. This also includes a free follow-up with the same doctor within one week of the consultation.

What types of issues can be diagnosed?

Over 60% of pet issues can be diagnosed by veterinary doctors online. This includes various skin and hair conditions, stomach, diet or digestive related issues and others. For critical cases like loss of blood, loss of consciousness etc, please rush to your nearest veterinary clinic immediately.

How does the consultation happen?

The doctor will conduct his/her consultation via a video call to check the condition of your pet, listen to your concerns and suggest a diagnosis and prescription. Chat-only function is also available.

Don’t wait for your pet’s health to turn worse.

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It was a wonderful and fantastic experience with Wagr. Your doctors are quite fantastic, epecially Dr. Prafulla. The infections of my pet birds have been reduced to 70% Keep on continuing this noble work ❤️👍🤘



You people are doing a really good job. 👍Keep going! Thank you helping out at such short notice.



Wagr Consults is great for general, non emergency cases where a visit to the vet is not required. I took a second opinion for for my dog's leg pain and dandruff. He is recovering well!



I was having a lot of trouble finding a vet nearby, so I decided to search on Google and it was the right decision. Thanks to Dr. Akshay for dealing in a kind manner and answering all my queries.



It’s been a great experience. Thank you! Not sure how I would have managed without Wagr's timely help.

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How Wagr Consults work

Why use Wagr Consults

Talk to a doctor

Talk to your assigned doctor over chat and video. Get detailed prescriptions and notes.

Describe your pet's issue

Enter your pet's details and get instant access to top doctors from across India.

Free follow-up

Get a free follow-up call with your doctor up to one week after your consultation.


Track your pet’s location, activity, and walks with the Wagr GPS & Fitness tracker. Keep your pet safe and fit.


Detailed pet-care articles and videos to help you level up your pet parenting skills.


A community for like-minded pet parents, pet lovers, and experts to discuss, interact, and share.


Get your most pressing non-medical questions answered for free by our panel of pet experts.


Consult certified veterinarians across India from the comfort of your home using your phone.


Shop from a wide range of products for your pets from the comfort of your home!

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