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    Feeding your Pup: Best Puppy Food Brands to Consider in India

    If you’ve brought home a pup, you would already know how quickly they grow. One day they’re these tiny, palm-sized furballs, and the next, you’ll find that they barely fit into your lap. While not every dog breed grows at the same pace, all of them reach maturity at 24 months.

    The nutrition they receive during this growth period determines how healthy and strong your canine companion will be. This post talks about the best food brands for puppies in India that will help your pup grow healthy and strong!

    Best Puppy Food Brands in India

    Royal Canin

    Be it adult or puppy food, Royal Canin is a French brand with a mission to make high-quality pet food accessible to everyone. This brand uses chicken for the meat requirement in their dog food products, along with ingredients with high antioxidant content, both of which are healthy for your pup’s growth.

    The Puppy Range of Royal Canin offers you six different products, including dry dog food, wet dog food, and Babydog Milk (milk replacer). 

    Within the dry food range, you have four choices depending on the growing body weight of your pup: 

    Starter Mini (10 kilograms)

    Starter Medium (11-25 kilograms)

    Puppy Maxi (26-44 kilograms)

    Puppy Giant (45 kilograms)


    Do you carefully look for nutritious ingredients in dog food before deciding to buy? Then you would be happy with what you see in Drools. Drools claims to offer 100% real chicken with “nutrition in every single bite”.


    By using the right ratio of digestible protein and fat in its products, Drools encourages a healthy appetite in your pup.

    Drools offers 8 different puppy food products, with only one of them being wet food:

    Puppy Starter Dog Food (for pups between 3-12 weeks of age, dry)

    Chicken and Egg Puppy Dog Food (dry)

    Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food (dry)

    Creek Puppy Ultra Premium Dog Food (grain-free formula, dry)

    Optimum Performance Puppy Dog Food (dry)

    Chef Vikas Khanna’s Gourmet Bites for Puppies (dry)

    Real Chicken & Chicken Liver Chunk in Gravy for Puppies (wet)


    Fun Fact: Drools is the only Indian pet food company to export its products from India.

    Wag & Love

    A natural dog food brand, Wag & Love takes a holistic approach to pet nutrition. This company uses dog food recipes that contain fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients. All of their products are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. The best part is that they don’t use grains, which makes the food easy on the stomach of your little pup.

    Wag & Love offers two puppy dog food products:

    Puppy Bloom: Apple & Thyme Puppy Food (for the starter and small breeds)

    Nurture Puppy Food (for the large and giant breeds)



    One of the most commonly-used pet food brands in India, Pedigree develops its nutrition formulas and foods based on research at the Waltham Center.

    The most compelling reason to purchase puppy food from Pedigree is the diversity it offers and makes it easy to meet the needs of your dog, no matter what life stage they are in. For puppies, Pedigree has food targeted at different breed sizes, which is convenient. 

    There are currently two products launched in this range, with more to follow soon:


    Pedigree Professional Starter (for mother and pup)

    Pedigree Professional Large Breed Puppy Food

    Here are some of the other popular Pedigree products that you could buy for your pup:

    Puppy Chicken and Milk

    Puppy Chicken Egg and Rice

    Dry Puppy Milk and Meat

    Gravy Puppy Chicken Chunks


    One of the most underrated pet food brands in India, Fidele+ is a company that uses wholesome, traditional ingredients, vegetables, meat, and spices like basil, turmeric, ginger, salmon oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, and fresh chicken.

    Their heartfelt passion for animals is evident in their actions - Under The Million Animal Project, the brand donates a part of every single sale they make to the RESQ Charitable Trust to stop animal suffering.

    Fidele+ offers three puppy dog food products for varying ages and breeds of your pets:


    Starter Puppy (for all breeds up to 2 months)

    Small and Medium Puppy (Small breeds: 2-10 months; Medium breeds: 2-12 months)

    Large Puppy (Large breed: 2-18 months; Giant breeds: 2-24 months)

    Now that you know some of the best choices of puppy dog food, we hope making the right decision for your pup’s nutrition will be easier.

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