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    Travelling With Dogs In A Car: What To Know Before You Go

    “How to travel with dogs in my car?”

    “Should I leave my pet at home while I explore new places?”

    “Do I need to give up my travel goals because I can’t take my dog with me?”

    Well, hello there, dog parent! Are you hesitant to leave your best friend behind while you travel the world? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too.


    traveling with dogs in a car -what to do


    Travelling with dogs in a car may seem difficult, especially when different guides suggest different things. To make things easier, we have compiled everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide. So, let’s get started, shall we?

    traveling with dogs in a car - vet check up

    First things first – visit a vet

    Before you start planning a trip, get your dog checked by the vet. Make sure all the required dog vaccinations have been taken, and confirm that they have no health issues that may prevent them from travelling at the moment. Your dog’s health comes first, so plan a trip only when everything is fine! Keep your dog’s medical documents updated and carry them with you for any on-road emergencies.

    traveling with dogs in a car - dog comfort


    Ensure that your dog is comfortable

    Dogs aren’t used to the mechanisms of cars, so you need to familiarize them with the vehicle and prepare for the road trip . Start with sitting in the car with them without turning the engine on. Let them get used to the different smells. Later, start taking them on short drives to help them get used to being in a car. You’ll know when they are ready to go with you on a delightful adventure!


    traveling with dogs in a car - plan ahead


    Plan, adjust, readjust

    When you travel with your dog, you cannot start the journey saying, “let’s see where it takes us”. You need to tweak your itineraries in keeping with your furball. Several places do not allow pets, be it hotels or tourist spots. To avoid any last-minute inconveniences, call and check which ones do, and book your accommodation in advance.

    We’d suggest you choose homestays that aren’t smack dab in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Look for a place closer to nature, one that has open spaces near it. Choose your destination wisely to ensure maximum comfort for your cuddle buddy. Treks and hikes are always great when travelling with your pet, and so is a day spent on a relatively empty beach. You may have to adjust your plans a number of times, but trust us when we say that the memories you make while travelling with your pet are way special and will last a lifetime.

    traveling with dogs in a car - take breaks

    Take frequent breaks

    Long car rides can be uncomfortable for everyone, animals included. Take frequent breaks while driving and play with your dog for a while before resuming your trip. These breaks will also help your furry friends relieve themselves. Make sure to clean up after them, though! To avoid motion sickness, don’t feed them immediately before driving. Instead, give them a small amount of food at least three hours before leaving. During the ride, make sure they remain hydrated. It’s best to carry your own water just in case you don’t find it at your rest stops.


    Pack all the essentials

    When travelling with your pet, you need to be prepared for everything. Make sure to carry

    Make sure your pet can be ID’d

    Dogs are curious beings, which may often lead them to explore new spots. Make sure they always have a collar on them, ideally with a name tag, your address and your contact number. You can also get a temporary tag for them with the address of your current accommodation while you’re vacationing.

    Safety always comes first

    While we are head over heels in love with the sight of a dog sticking their furry heads out of the car window while travelling, it may prove dangerous to their health. A dog’s fur is dust and grime magnet, and you might not get the chance to scrub them as thoroughly while traveling. Never keep the windows fully rolled down.

    Additionally, give them access to the entire backseat of the car instead of letting them ride shotgun. In some cases, restraining your pet with a seatbelt or placing them in a dog seat or hammock may help them from sudden movements in the car. While most dogs may be excited to travel, several others could feel anxious. Be patient with them and allow for their anxiety to cool off with rest stops, dog toys, and other things that help them.

    Travelling with your dog is a delightful experience, as long as you know what to do!

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