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    Pet-Friendly Sweets: 5 Delicious Recipes Your Furry Friends Will Love

    Who here does not like the goodness of fresh homemade sweets?

    No one? Thought so!

    The scent of hot ghee waiting to cook delicious, round laddoos is a scent almost everybody has experienced at least once in their lives. It's not just the fresh ingredients, but the love that goes into making these sweets that makes it all the more special. 

    So why not share this homemade love with our furry best friends? They deserve fresh, homemade sweets too, but not the ones meant for human consumption. 

    Regular sweets contain ingredients that could prove to be toxic for our furry friends. But that does not mean they need to miss out on all the deliciousness! Instead, you could make them their own batch of homemade pet-friendly sweets, and have them join the fun. 

    We asked our fellow pet parents to share their favourite pet-friendly recipes. The recipes listed below are all tested and approved by the most distinguished chefs - our pets! So quit waiting and start baking for your furry friends. 

    Pumpkin Laddoo:

    By Simran & Rajit

    Pawsome pet-parents to Poppins


    Pet-friendly sweets for Poppins




    Grated Coconut

    Rose petals for garnishing (optional)

    Boil some pumpkin & drain out the water. Take some on your palm & flatten it. Keep a makhana in the centre, wrap the flattened pumpkin around it and make a laddoo. Sprinkle it with some grated coconut & garnish with some coconut or insecticide-free rose petals.  

    Grain-free muffin:

    By Asha

    Pawsome pet-parent to Tommy


    Pet-friendly sweets for tommy


    1 egg

    2 tablespoons peanut butter

    1/2 banana

    1/2 apple (finely grated)

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    Mix all ingredients. Preheat oven to 180*. Grease a muffin tray with coconut oil and fill it with batter. Bake for 20 minutes. Let it cool before serving your dog. Frost with whipped cream or more peanut butter.

    Banana Carrot Cakes

    By Tulisha Sengupta

    Pawsome pet-parent to Junior, Ares, Snoopy, Heeru & Choti


    Pet-friendly sweets for Pets


    3 bananas (mash them to a paste)

    1 tablespoon of peanut butter

    2 cups of bajra or wheat

    2 or 3 eggs

    1 tablespoon of olive oil/coconut oil

    Pinch of baking soda and powder

    For more fun, you may add apples or carrots

    Put the entire ingredients into the mixer or whisk it to make an even batter. Choose your tray for baking accordingly. Set your tray at 180 degrees for 30 mins in a preheated oven.

    For the icing - take two evenly mashed potatoes, and spread them evenly on the cake or put them in a piping bag for cupcakes. For toppings use your pet's favourite treats and your cake is ready!

    Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds Laddoo:

    By Priya

    Pawsome pet-parent to Jessi


    Pet-friendly sweets for Jessi


    Mashed pumpkin

    Coconut oil

    Coconut powder

    Roasted sunflower seeds (ground)

    Take a pan and add virgin coconut oil. Add the mashed pumpkin with ground sunflower seeds and coconut powder. Mix well. After that let it set for 15 minutes. Make balls with this mixture and serve it with sunflower seeds. 

    Frozen Paw Treats:

    By Wagr Team

    Pawsome pet-parents to many pets!



    1/2 cup pet-friendly peanut butter 

    1 cup plain yogurt 

    2 tbsp chicken/vegetable broth 

    Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Spread evenly into a large ice cube tray or any other mold of your choice. Freeze for 12 hours, or overnight, and then treat your doggo!


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