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    Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting the Vet for the First Time

    “Hey, I’m planning to get a doctor’s appointment this weekend.”

    “Wow! Great idea. I’ll be happy to accompany you.”

    Can you imagine a conversation that involves a visit to the doctor going as smoothly as this one? We certainly can’t. The very idea of visiting a doctor can easily send anyone into a panic.

    And when it comes to taking your little furball to the vet, it naturally amounts to some stress and anxiety for pet parents. When your pet suffers, you suffer too.

    But do you know how to make this visit easy and fun for you and your pet? Many new pet parents are confused about how to prep for a vet visit, but worry not, we’re here to guide you through it.
    Know what counts as an emergency

    Most new pet parents are easily spooked at the first unusual sign in their pet’s behavior, which is understandable.

    Therefore, before you pick up your phone and make a call to the vet, make sure that your pet really needs medical assistance.

    If your pet shows some of the following signs but is otherwise healthy, you should perhaps wait another day before planning a trip to the vet:

    • Slightly soft stool

    • A single instance of vomiting

    • Mild coughing or sneezing (in dogs; for cats, coughing can be problematic)

    • Slightly reduced appetite

    On the other hand, when your pet displays any of these symptoms, you should take them to a vet immediately:

    • Seizures

    • Repeated vomiting

    • Bleeding (from a bite wound or otherwise)

    • Keeping an eye shut

    • Crying

    • Ingestion of anything suspicious or toxic



    Prepare your pet for the vet appointment

    Your pet might be friendly and comfortable around your family, friends, or even visitors. But when they’re exposed to a vet hospital with countless strange faces, it is easy for all animals to feel unnerved or overwhelmed, especially when it’s their first time.


    Help your pet have a better experience at the vet, by following some of these steps:

    • It is common for a vet to handle an animal in different ways while checking for unusual signs. It can be unsettling for your pet the first few times. To ease them into it, you can give them a practice run at home. Offering them their favorite treat as a reward in the end can also help them feel better about the whole process.

    • How often do you take your pet on a car ride? Not enough? Well, then more rides are in order! Animals take time to get comfortable in a strange environment, and cars are not as normal for them as they are for us. Confined spaces with fast movements are a recipe for disaster for your pet if they’re not used to it.

    • All pets have a go-to toy. It could be a teddy, or a chew toy, that your pet would be inseparable from because they associate it with familiarity and comfort. Take this toy with you for the vet visit to make your pet feel secure in case things get uncomfortable.



    Make sure you take these things with you

    When you take your pet to a vet for the first time, you’ll need to be prepared with some basic information about your pet’s daily habits. Here are some things you can note down to ensure a more effective treatment:

    • What they eat, and how much

    • Their toilet routine

    • Details about their vaccine history, medications, and past medical records (if any)

    Pro-tip: To be better prepared for the appointment, you can also call your vet in advance and ask them if they’d need to know any special details about your pet.

    In the end

    Taking your pet to a veterinarian would be a worrisome experience for both you and your pet, particularly if it’s the first time. However, all it takes is a little prep beforehand to ensure a better, safer, and more comfortable trip for your furry friend. 

    Wagr offers an online veterinary consultation, which provides a convenient and stress-free alternative to traditional in-person visits. With Wagr's service, you can consult with a licensed veterinarian from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for a trip to the clinic. This is particularly beneficial for first-time pet owners who may feel anxious about the process. 

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