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    Homeward Hound

    Tia and her family were out doing errands when the ‘mali’ came to do his monthly trimming and plant potting in their garden. Their dog Bunny, was an explorer. It was a cardinal rule in this household that the main gate always be shut. The gardener knew this but it had slipped his mind momentarily. When his back was turned, Bunny ran out of the gate ever-ready to explore the colourful world awaiting him. Tia was distraught when she got home. She had no idea where to begin looking for him. He could be anywhere! As she walked around the house worried, she heard a quiet whining. She followed the sound to a neighbouring plot where she found Bunny. His paw was filled with shards of glass and he was distressed and whimpering. But at least she could get him home!

    That’s a feeling you never want… calling for your dog and not hearing the excited paw-patter or bark in return. We hope you’ve never felt that cold chill in your bones because you’ve suddenly realised that your dog is not at home, safe and secure, like you left him.

    So let’s talk precautions first. There are a lot of things that dog-parents forget because they seem insignificant.

    1. Make sure your dog has a collar with a tag stating your address and contact number. Take those precautions for your little adventurers.

    2. Ensure that the doors to your house are properly shut if you happen to not be around to keep an eye on your dog.

    3. Pay special attention to your furry friend during times of high stress or excitement especially festival days when there may be loud music or fireworks.

    4. Make sure you have updated photos of your pup and identifications on his body which would help a passerby spot him. Just stating ‘black labrador with red collar’ is sometimes not enough.

    But precautions can only go so far. There are many variables that are out of your hands and you may find that despite your best efforts, your dog has run away. With Tia, it was because the gardener had a momentary oversight. You’re anxious, you’re scared, you really just want him back. The first thing to do is to remain calm. Like Tia, it’s a good idea to walk around the house and call out your dog’s name. He could just be scared or hurt and hiding. Once you’re sure that he’s not around, increase the radius of your search. Call your friends and neighbours to help out. Print out posters and stick them up. Get on social media pages with pictures. Everyone will be willing to help!

    We at Wagr, look forward to the day when the number of lost dog cases reported decrease just because of the ability to track your dog’s location. In the interim, we’d like to provide you with a couple of tools that we think will be helpful. We have a database of shelters, facebook groups, helpline numbers and so on. Every second that you save is invaluable in the search for your beloved dog.

    The loss of a loved family member is serious and gut wrenching and we hope to help find him or her at the earliest. With the launch of our product a Pet GPS Tracker, not only will you always know exactly where your dog is, but you will also be immediately alerted when your little explorer leaves your designated safe-zone. Nothing like a worry free parenting! We’re sure you agree.

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