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    Why We Built Wagr

    Our Journey Begins With Jambi

    A few years ago, a small bundle of joy, Jambi, found his way to our doorstep. Tiny, shivering, hungry, and soaked to the bone, he was impossible to ignore. Naturally, we took him in. The journey of raising Jambi has been a cocktail of heartwarming fulfillment and lighthearted chaos. His joyous greetings, exuberant play sessions, constant adoration, and bouts of goofiness became an integral part of our everyday lives. Jambi wasn't just a pet, he was an important member of our family, constantly at the forefront of our minds.

    Understanding the Voice of a Dog Parent

    Through our experiences with Jambi, we developed an inner voice - a voice common to all dog parents. This voice is often plagued with worries: Is it safe to feed your dog a little piece of bacon when they’re pleading with their eyes? Is it normal for him to sleep so much? Does he require more exercise? Perhaps a visit to the vet? The worry when you’re away from him even for a short while, constantly wondering whether he's safe at home, where he could stay for a couple of weeks, or if he's okay after you've been away. Do all pet parents experience this overwhelming concern?

    We constantly asked ourselves one question: how can we become better pet parents?

    Introducing Wagr: Your Companion in Pet Parenting

    Out of our love and concern for Jambi, Wagr was conceived. Our mission is to alleviate your worries and allow you to focus on loving your pet unconditionally. We aim to ensure the safety and health of your beloved canine companions. Wagr provides guidance to help manage situations like potential illnesses or trips out of town, by assisting you in finding the right vets, suitable boarding places, and necessary stores when required.

    Consider Wagr as your reliable link to other pet parents - a platform for you to share your achievements and challenges. We want to be your friend, your companion as you navigate the best path for your pet's well-being.

    Join Wagr: Uniting Pet Parents and Lovers

    Wagr is designed to bring together a community of pet lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned pet-parent, a newcomer to the community, or simply someone who adores pets, we are delighted to welcome you. Embark on this exciting journey with us, and let's work together to bring you and the canine members of your family closer.

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