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    What If AI Meets Pet Health Care

    We know your pets mean the absolute world to you. As pet owners ourselves, we understand first-hand those bonds that feel positively soul-level deep even if our fur-babies scratch up the sofa or keep us up with their midnight zoomies. But we wouldn't trade our time treasured time together for anything.

    So when you shared heartfelt feedback asking for an app catering more meaningfully to each pet's uniqueness, we heard you!

    We tried for this to be the app your pet would design themselves if they could! But until that feline world takeover, our dev team worked hard on the next best thing - features actually aligned to each pet instead of taking a blind, one-approach shot.

    Today, we're over the moon to launch app updates that finally reflect YOUR reality. Through thoughtful adjustments embracing breed, age, and energy levels, we're confident this version feels more like a trusted, caring buddy along your journey with your pets (both furry and non-furry!).

    So what's new in this ultra-personalized upgrade?

    Personalized Daily Tips:Ā 

    Forget one-size-fits-all advice. Our tips are all about what's best for your pet's breed, age, and lifestyle.

    Daily Tips

    Health Records, All in One Place:

    Rushing to the vet and need those records fast? They're just a tap away now.

    Health records

    Growing Up with Your Pet:Ā 

    As your furry friend moves through life's stages, the Wagr app adapts, offering the right care and advice for each new chapter.

    Pet growth


    Reads Just for Your Pet:Ā 

    We've got articles and tips that are handpicked for your pet's needs ā€“ no more endless searching.

    Pet guides

    Training Made Easy:Ā 

    Whether you're teaching the basics or trying something new, our training guides are tailored for your pet's learning style.

    Pet training

    Shop Smarter:Ā 

    We'll recommend products that are just right for your pet ā€“ it's like having a personal shopper for your furry friend.

    Pet shop


    Meet Toto, Your AI Helper:Ā 

    Got a question? Toto's on hand 24/7 to give advice that's spot on for your pet.

    Whether you're a new pet parent or you've been on this journey for years, the new Wagr app is here to make life with your pet even more amazing.



    See What's New:

    Upgrade Your Pet Care Game:

    Download the latest Wagr app now and step up your pet parenting! If you're already with us, just update your app to dive into this new experience.

    While apps support pet care WE support YOU - the doting pet advocate behind each Wagr account driving all decisions with love. Your feedback is what matters the most! Drop us a line and let us know how you and your pet are enjoying the new Wagr.

    We're just getting started on making pet care as magical as your furry friends are to you. We can't wait for you and your pet to fall in love with the new Wagr app!

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