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    Toto, India's First AI Petcare Chatbot, Is Creating Media Buzz!

    Wagr AI Chatbot Toto

    We are beyond excited to share that Wagr's new AI chatbot, Toto, is receiving sensational coverage for its potential to revolutionise pet care guidance in India!

    We've been blown away by the fantastic response so far. In just its first few months since launching, Toto has already assisted over 3,000 pet parents with 24/7 personalised pet health and care advice. But it's the media buzz that shows Toto is on track to make a huge impact.

    Major news outlets like TIMESNOW and YOURSTORY have prominently featured Toto, spotlighting how our groundbreaking AI chatbot is custom-designed to help pet parents anytime. As Dr. Champak Naik, veterinarian and Wagr advisor noted, Toto is "customized to respond to non-medical questions and refer users to veterinarians for any medical inquiries."

    We are simply thrilled that Toto is receiving such fantastic coverage and attention. Our entire team could not feel prouder of developing something that is already helping so many pet parents while getting noticed by top media outlets.

    And this is only the beginning! Our goal is for Toto to reach 100,000 pet parents across India by the end of this year through the Wagr app.

    Our co-founders Advaith Mohan and Siddharth Darbha emphasise that Toto is more than just a chatbot, β€œToto isn't just a chatbot. It's a comprehensive tool with personalised advice and a gateway to vet assistance and pet supplies. We believe every pet parent is better when they have Toto alongside them. Our vision goes beyond simply transferring a website into an app; we're tailoring the Wagr app to deliver a unique, personalised experience unparalleled anywhere in the world."

    Toto is just one part of Wagr. In addition to 24/7 AI guidance, we also offer quick access to veterinary professionals, convenient home delivery of premium pet products, your pet's complete health records, and engaging pet care content. Our vision is to deliver a truly unique, personalised pet parenting experience.

    We're thrilled to have you along for the journey as we re-invent pet care in India and beyond. With Toto by your side, you and your furry friends will be off to a happy, healthy start! Let us know if you have any other questions - Toto looks forward to assisting you!

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