Market Research Internship at Wagr - The Smart Petcare Platform - Wagr Petcare

    Market Research Internship at Wagr - The Smart Petcare Platform

    Simply love animals and are excited about working in a growing startup? We are looking for a Market Research Intern to join our team. Click here to apply!


    As an intern you will get to work directly with our founders to conduct market and consumer research and develop insights into customer segmentation, brand positioning and marketing strategy.


    Preferably Bangalore. Ideally we would like to meet in person once every two weeks. But we are open to a fully remote internship if the profile is a great fit.

    Stipend & Duration:

    Rs. 5000 per month for 3-6 months

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Design and conduct consumer research projects
    • Design systems for ongoing market and industry research
    • Develop strategic insights based on conducted research
    • Work with founders to convert insights into actionables

    Skills Required:

    • Excellent communication skills
    • Good with spreadsheets
    • Good with data analysis
    • Demonstrable research skills / aptitude
    • BONUS - Be a pet parent 

    About Team Wagr:

    We’re a bunch of fun, highly creative, driven (and somewhat quirky) individuals who are passionate about technology and all things animals! :). We provide plenty of flexibility and learning opportunities across all aspects of Wagr.

    If you’re interested, learn more about the company here and apply here!

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