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    Do You Need Pets In Your Life? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should!

    Raveena has always wanted a dog. Her Instagram feed is filled with cute pictures and reels of dogs from all over the world. But she’s on the fence about adopting a dog because she knows that owning a pet isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.

    Vineet is a cat person. He never misses an opportunity to befriend and feed stray felines. But he’s not sure if getting a feline friend is a good idea.
    Shrishty loves animals and doesn’t know if she has to get a bird or adopt a furry pet.

    Found yourself in a similar situation?

    We’re here to help! Here are a few benefits of owning pets that’ll make you hop to the other side of the fence and get one for life. 

    Experience unconditional love and companionship

    Unconditional love will always remain a myth until you start owning a pet. They don’t need special occasions to show their love or make grand gestures to tell us that they love us.

    Pets don’t judge. They love their hoomans no matter how crazy or weird we are. They’ll love you on their best and worst days.

    You’ll forget what loneliness means after getting a pet, as they’ll keep you busy with their shenanigans. A recent survey by the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) found that 80% of pet owners affirmed they felt less lonely thanks to their pets.

    Ultimately, the bond you forge with your pet is a strong emotional and psychological one, which is stronger than many relationships.

    Have a positive impact on your mental health

    Pets can be great mood boosters. For example, Shreya moved cities and experienced anxiety because of the change. Her friend suggested that she get a furry friend to help her establish a routine and ease into the new place.
    Within a few weeks, Shreya found that her pet was indeed a great companion who helped ease her stress and kept her happy. She also found that she’d learnt a few profound life lessons from her pets as they had mastered the art of living in the moment and finding pure joy in the simplest of things.
    Shreya is one among the countless pet owners who have shared their experiences on how their pets helped them get through the toughest times. The anecdotal evidence is also strongly backed by scientific studies, which prove that owning pets decreases cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and stress.
    And these benefits are not limited to common pets like dogs and cats. Studies have also shown that owning pet birds and fishes positively affects our mental health.

    They’ll make you social animals

    When you take your dog out for walks and play with them at the park, you won’t be surprised to see people engage in small talk with you. If the park or neighbourhood has regulars, you’ll even make a few acquaintances.
    The best part? You and your pet might make someone else’s day! It’s not uncommon for pet owners to meet people who share fond memories of the pets they used to keep and walk away with wide grins on their faces. Owning a pet means you get to be a part of a bigger community and constantly befriend other pet parents. Expect to attend endless playdates, pet birthday parties, and other social events where you and your pet can have fun.
    Many times, your pet dog or cat is the key to building friendships and forming social connections. This is particularly helpful in today’s lifestyle which involves moving cities quite often. A new neighbourhood? No problem, your pet can open many doors (pun intended). After all, no one understands a pet parent better than another pet parent!
    Owning a pet can change your life in ways you didn’t think were possible. It’s the gateway to unconditional love and happiness.
    If you’re worried that cats and dogs may be too high maintenance, you can also look at pet fishes and birds.

    The world of pets is a warm and welcoming one. We say, embrace it with open arms.

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