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    Top Monsoon Essentials to Keep your Pet Dry and Safe

    After suffering through the scorching heat of the summer months, we heartily welcome the cool reprieve that monsoon brings. However, the ceaseless rainfall and high humidity that comes with it can be a nuisance for your beloved furballs.

    Wishing there was a way to make monsoons more enjoyable for them? This post will tell you exactly how as we list out all the monsoon essentials for your pets below:


    Raincoats and umbrellas for their walks

    Every time you need to go out, and it’s drizzling, what’s the first thing you look for? A raincoat or an umbrella to keep you dry, right? It’s even more important to protect your pets from the rain, as drying their thick fur coat can be challenging. Additionally, all that dirt mixed with water will also require more frequent baths.

    While the best solution to this problem is to keep them indoors, that would be unfair to your four-legged friends who love the outdoors. And you need to take them out to do their business anyway. Luckily for you, both raincoats and umbrellas come in your doggo’s size as well. You can purchase such dogs clothing online or in your local pet store.

    Boots to keep their paws dry

    If you’ve been a dog parent long enough, you already know how sensitive they can be about their paws. While their paw pads are designed to withstand any terrain, being exposed to water for too long could make them catch a cold. Additionally, the dirt they walk in could also expose them to the harmful bacteria and viruses that thrive in puddles of water.

    Raincoats and umbrellas have got most of their body covered, but what about their sensitive paws? Doggy boots are the answer! Many breeds might not need boots at all depending on their size. Small-sized dogs feel colder than large ones and some dogs simply don’t like getting wet. If your dog falls into any of these categories, then specially-designed boots can keep their paws perfectly dry and safe.


    Waterproof collars and leashes

    Now that you’ve waterproofed your pet’s body and feet it’s time to pay attention to the leash. If the current one you’re using isn’t waterproof, it’s not only going to be slippery and could lead to them running off. But its wet collar will cling uncomfortably to your pet’s body. Regular collars and leashes go through a lot of wear and tear when your dog frolics in the rain or in muddy puddles. Overexposure to water results in warping and disintegration and can also chafe at your dog’s neck. Hence, Water-proof dog collars and dog leashes are a must-have if you want to have a smooth dog-walking experience this monsoon.


    Microfiber towels to dry them quickly


    When your dog runs out into the rain before you could stop them you are bound to have a super wet doggo on your hands. And if they’re a large or thick-furred breed, it’ll take you a couple of hours to dry their coat properly.

    Here’s where microfiber towels come in handy. These towels are not only surprisingly absorbent but also extremely soft on your pet’s skin. What’s more, these towels trap dust and dirt particles very well and they also remove bacteria effectively.

    Keeping fleas and ticks away: sprays, shampoos, and powders

    A large number of pests, including fleas and ticks controllers, thrive in the humid monsoon months. Therefore, the likelihood of your pets catching these also runs high around this time. Keep your pets tick-free with special anti-tick/flea/lice products like sprays, shampoos, and powders. They not only repel ticks and fleas but also retain the shine in the fur and keep it hydrated and healthy. Also, make sure to consult with your vet to determine the best product for your dog.

    As long as you’ve gotten these monsoon essentials covered, you’re going to have a fun, splashing time with your furry friends!

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