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    What You Need to Know About Virtual Vet Visits

    It’s late in the day and, suddenly, your dog starts to throw up. A few hours later, he lies in the corner, appearing tired, not eating and evidently sick. It’s past 7.00 pm now and there are no vet clinics open.

     Or perhaps your cat got stung by a bee. Being a first time cat parent you got nervous and all you wanted was to talk to the vet for a few minutes to clear your doubts.

    What can you do?

    In all these situations all you need is a quick consultation. That’s where an virtual vet visit comes in.

    How does an online vet session work? And how do you prepare for an online vet visit? We give you the full picture.

    How does an online vet visit work?

    Online vet consultations are the perfect solution when you want to resolve minor issues, clarify doubts, and get some quick advice. They’re also a great option during emergencies when traveling to the vet clinic will take time and you want to administer first aid before that. And sometimes, you might not even need to go to the clinic at all.

    Consulting with the vet remotely has great benefits:

    • The vet can gauge the urgency of the situation and determine if an in-person visit is needed

    • Medical advice is more accessible and from the comfort of your home

    • The costs are typically lower

    • It causes less stress for your pet

    • Great for follow-up instructions

    • Perfect for getting second opinions if needed

    However, make sure to prep yourself and your pet to get the most out of an online vet visit. Here’s a checklist to get you started.

    The vet is bound to ask you some common questions which can include:
    • Has your pet got an appetite and is eating and drinking well?

    • Are they breathing normally?

    • Do they seem tired?

    • What are some of the medications you’ve been giving?

    • Has your pet had any changes in their diet or routine recently?

    • Have they displayed any changes in behavior?

    Next, the vet can ask questions specific to the current situation, which can cover aspects like:

    • The details of any first aid you administered

    • If there are any immediately visible changes you can notice on their skin or in their fur health

    • Any changes in their surroundings or food that happened just before the current situation

    • The duration of the issue at hand

    To further help the vet with their diagnosis try to take some photos or videos of your pet beforehand to demonstrate the problem. Videos are particularly helpful if they can show different symptoms and signs like sneezing, breathing abnormalities, vomiting, etc. For example, listening intently to a dog’s breathing can tell the vet if it’s a simple lung infection or a more serious injury.

    Get your pet ready for an online vet consultation

    Amid all our preparation, we shouldn’t forget the real reason behind it - our pets! It takes some time for pets to get used to visiting a clinic and some might need extra coaching. Similarly, help your pet get ready for a virtual consultation too.

    If they’re camera-shy and shrink away from close-up photos, help them get familiar with screens by giving them their favorite treats to stay still. Perhaps, a few training sessions beforehand will smoothen the process when you really need a virtual vet visit. Use positive reinforcement and get them used to walking or turning around in front of the screen for a virtual vet exam. A vet would ideally like to observe your pet in motion to detect physical abnormalities.
    The bottom line is that an online vet visit requires you (and your pet) to be doubly prepared and armed with more information than you would for an in-person vet visit. Since the vet cannot physically examine your pet in an online consultation even the tiniest detail can help sharpen the diagnosis. A remote vet visit might not work for very serious ailments but it is definitely a game-changer when you need immediate medical advice.
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