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    Covid Positive? Here are 15 Trusted Pet Boarding Resources Across India

    Keerthi, a loving pet parent, tested positive for Covid. Her symptoms are mild, but she doesn’t have the energy to play with Rocket, her dog, or feed him. And taking him out on walks is out of the question!


    Chay can’t devote much time to his dog, Bottle, as he’s busy caring for his wife, who recently tested positive. Also, since his relatives and friends don’t have prior experience handling a dog, he’s skeptical about letting them pet-sit Bottle.


    If you’re a pet parent who has found yourself in a similar situation, here are 15 pet boarding resources across major cities in India. They’ll take in your pet and care for them until you are fit and fine.


    The pet facilities mentioned below adhere to safety protocols and wear the appropriate safety gear while transporting pets to facilities. In addition, they perform temperature checks, bathe dogs, blow dry them, and replace the collar of dog to reduce chances of infection.


    However, you may want to contact and inquire about their safety procedures so that your pet stays safe.




    Pet Paws’ founders, Linda Alexander and Ram Prakash, have been getting at least 3-4 calls in a day to take in pets ever since the second wave hit. Their team ensures that your pet is happy and healthy. They’ll even send you pics and videos of your pet to brighten up your day!


    Hotel for Dogs is a spacious facility located in Akkarai. The kennels are air-conditioned, and the team is well-trained to handle dogs of any nature.


    If you want to know about more verified pet boarding facilities for your dogs in Chennai, check out this Instagram post by @covid19chennai.




    Play Pet Boarding has kennels of different sizes for different breeds. They also offer a pet service taxi called PetGo to ferry your pets to the facility.


    Wagville in Jakkur has been offering solace to pet parents since the last pandemic. It has housed 25 dogs from Covid-affected families so far.


    Deccan Herald has a helpful article listing out verified pet boarding facilities in Bengaluru.




    Bark Club Mumbai offers premium daycare boarding services to dogs, but they’ve expanded their services to include a dog hostel for Covid-positive pet parents. Their customers are extremely satisfied with their live streaming and prompt responses!


    PupStop is your pet’s home away from home. Your dog will have plenty of space to play as well as chill out in the AC center where they can socialize with other dogs.


    For a more comprehensive list of pet boarding resources in Mumbai, go through this article from What’s Hot.




    Photopia Boarding provides warm baths, loads of love, and a great place for your dog to stay while you recover from Covid-19.


    Bhairav’s Camp Boarding is run by a canine behaviorist who knows how to keep your pet happily occupied.


    Want more pet boarding centers in Hyderabad? Check out this Instagram post from Marpu Foundations’.




    Asha Arun’s Pet Home Boarding has a dog park, swimming pool, and a homely environment as this facility is a 32-acre farmhouse owned by pet parents themselves.


    Pet Lover’s Hut in Junapur village will ensure that your dogs are perfectly comfortable until they return from their stay at the 18,000 sq-ft facility.


    iDiva has a great list of pet boarding facilities in Delhi.


    Other Cities

    Don’t belong to any of these cities?


    We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of pet boarding resources across India, from Homegrown


    If you want a more descriptive list to help you decide the best temporary home for your pet, check out Mint Lounge’s article.


    Pet boarding centers are the safest spaces for your pets as it keeps your pets snug and healthy while you recover. Equipped with professional trainers and behavior therapists these centers know the exact formula to keep that happy tail wagging going!


    In addition to following safety protocols, most of them do a live streaming session to help you check in on your pet from time to time.


    Relieved? We hope you and your pet make a full return to normal and have fun together again very soon!

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