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    How to keep your dogs cool in summer

    Summertime is holiday time, and that usually means plenty of time spent outside with your dog. But it’s important to know that the heat can be “ruff” on your four-legged best friend, just as it can be on you. Your dog loves going outside and playing fetch, but here are some precautions you need to take to keep him cool during those hot days:

    Keep your dog hydrated: Make sure your dog is drinking enough water. Refill his water bowl every few hours. On hot afternoons, you can also give him a couple of frozen dog treats such as popsicles and ice cream.

    Grooming: Summer is the time to experiment with new looks. So, why shouldn’t you try something different for your dog? Give your little pal a haircut and brush his fur often to ensure there aren’t any tangles. It's important to brush your dog’s fur repeatedly because it acts as a natural cooling system, and if it's tangled and matted, it may prevent airflow to the skin.

    Exercise time: Avoid exercising your dog during the hottest time of the day. If you cant stand the heat, your buddy is no different. Early mornings or evenings are the best advised hours to take your dog for a walk or to exercise.

    Accessorise: Speaking of walking your dog, always check to see if the pavement has heated up, before you start the walk. The logic is simple, if it's too hot for you to walk barefoot on that pavement, then its much too hot for your dog’s paws as well. So get your little one a cute pair of booties to protect their paws. Also buy a children’s pool for your dog to splash around in. And on particularly hot afternoons, you can also fill the pool with ice cubes to keep him cool.

    Keep it cool: While you’re out with your dog, make sure you’re in the shade. Never leave him tied up in the sun. If there’s no one home save your canine, leave the fan on for him or turn on the AC and close the curtains. Go easy on the carpeting, because lying down on a cool, tiled floor is always good for your dog.

    Travelling: Sure, summertime is a good excuse to take your dog out. But if you’re bringing him places, make sure you never leave him alone in the car. Not even for a little while. The temperature inside the car heats up quickly regardless of whether or not the windows are down. So, always take your dog with you or leave him at home if you can’t take him with you to certain places.

    Keep the above mentioned tips in mind, and enjoy many fun-filled summer afternoons with your dog the right way.

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