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    6 Dog-Safe Plants That Are Perfect For Your Garden

    Having a garden is a delight for not just you but your four-legged friends too.

    However, designing your garden as a dog parent can also seem challenging as you’re limited to planting only dog-safe plants. Feeling confused about making the right choice? This post contains a list of all the dog-safe plants that will make your garden truly bloom!

    True Jasmine Plants

    Dog-safe plants - Jasmine

    Jasmines entice and entrance with the heady scent of their perennial white flowers and are perpetual favorites in a garden. There are twelve varieties of jasmine, all of which belong to the olive family and are safe for your dogs.

    However, many people confuse jasmine with jessamine, an unrelated flowering plant that’s actually lethal to dogs and can cause jessamine poisoning. The two plant varieties that fall within this category are Yellow Jessamine (gelsemium sempervirens) and night and day-blooming jessamine (cestrum diurnum, cestrum nocturnum). They’re also referred to as false jasmine.

    Other than these three, every other jasmine variety is safe for both you and your canine friends.


    Dog-safe plants - Rosemary

    Popular for the therapeutic effect of its essential oil, rosemary is another plant that you can consider growing in your garden. Grown both as a house and a garden plant, this herb has needle-like leaves and tiny, purple flowers that can add to the beauty of your garden and also enhance your cooking with its distinctive flavor.

    As far as your furred friend is concerned, rosemary is perfectly safe for pets. Rosemary is known for its antioxidant and anti-microbial property, which makes it safe for ingestion and also improves their health.


    Dog-safe plants - Basil

    Basil is not only safe for your dog, but can also benefit their health when consumed in moderation due to its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and capability to prevent cellular damage. Furthermore, basil leaves can reduce your pet’s stress levels and are a great remedy for anxiety.

    Being an annual plant, basil blooms quickly and is easy to grow. While all basil varieties are safe for your doggo, Sweet Basil and Purple Basil are ideal garden choices.


    Dog-safe plants - Sunflowers

    Bright and cheerful, sunflowers are the perfect plants to liven up your garden. These large flowering plants are non-toxic to most animals, including dogs, and can be planted anywhere. It’s a popular belief that sunflowers can only be grown on large plots of land, but on the contrary, these adaptive flowers can even be grown in a pot.


    Dog-safe plants - Magnolias

    With their sweet fragrance and rich, creamy petals, Magnolias have always won many hearts. It’s commonly believed that these flowers can grow only on trees, but in truth, they also grow in shrubs and can be an attractive addition to your garden.

    The best thing about these plants? Both the trees and shrubs of this genus are safe for your pet canines.

    Spider Plant

    Dog-safe plants - Spider Plant

     Spider plants are the most common pet-friendly house plants. But did you know that you could grow them in your outdoor gardens as well? They are low-maintenance and are a great potted plant choice for your garden and will thrive in warmer climates. During the winter months, it’s best to keep them indoors as they’re sensitive to cold.

    Succulents: The toxic and non-toxic choices for your pets

    Dog-safe plants - Toxic and non-toxic succulents

    With their thick, sap-filled leaves, unique color and texture, and low-maintenance factor, succulents have become the favorites in most households.

    While these plants are great for the indoors, they also make a great feature in your backyard or garden. But do note that not every succulent is safe for your dog. Before you purchase these beauties to adorn your garden, take a look at the following lists to know which ones to avoid.

    Succulents that are safe for your pet:

    • Christmas cactus

    • Haworthia

    • Elephant bush

    • Pink moonstones

    • Debbie

    Succulents that are harmful to your pet:

    • Aloe vera

    • String of pearls

    • Euphorbia

    • Jade

    • Pencil cactus

    • Kalanchoe

    • Crown of thorns

    While maintaining a garden with a four-legged friend by your side seems like a tough job, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re picking these pet-safe plants, you have no reason to worry!

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