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    How to Keep Your Home Clean with a Dog: 6 Simple Tips

    Having a little pup bless your home with its presence is truly one of the most delightful feelings in the world. However, your first experience with a dog will most probably be a messy one. These little ones, however adorable they might be, are animals, having no clue of adjusting into a human’s household. If you want to ensure that both your home and your pet are in good shape, we have 6 super-easy tips for you that just might do the trick.

    Playing with a dog

    Potty-training your dog: your first step towards a cleaner home

    Every new pet parent will agree with the fact that potty-training their dogs can be one of the most challenging tasks for them. However, if you keep a few simple pointers in mind, it can all go well.

    Make sure your pup is older than 12 weeks before you begin to potty-train them because that’s when they’re able to control their urges. Here are some tips that might help you in the process:

    • Make a proper feeding schedule and follow it strictly.

    • Offer them rewards for every task done right.

    • Teach them to communicate when they need to go out and learn to read the signs efficiently.

    Keeping their meal spots clean

    Dogs are generally known to eat without making a mess compared to other animals or birds. However, you still cannot expect them to eat as cleanly as yourself, can you? If your furry pet has a corner where they enjoy their meals, you’ll often notice bits and pieces of kibble scattered around that place.

    How can you prevent it? Placing a large, rimmed tray under their food and water bowl should be enough to contain the mess in their meal spot.

    Keep their meal spots clean

    Are you using a vacuum cleaner yet?

    While we all love a furry goofball, you must remember that with long-haired pets come shedding. All dogs, even if they’re considered a non-shedding breed, are bound to shed hair all over the place. And because their hairs are so fine, it can get dicey to clean them completely.

    What you can do is get a vacuum cleaner to do this job for you. We know, we know. What’s so special about this tip, right? There are many pet parents who try to clean up with the traditional broom or a brush and this just doesn’t work. Dog hair on furniture is particularly difficult to brush off but a vacuum cleaner will do the job perfectly well.

    Keep a stain remover handy

    If you have a pet dog at home, you can’t always prevent them from breaking a vase or cluttering your work desk. As they grow older, they learn not to do these things, but even then, some accidents are bound to happen.

    And while you cannot predict such a thing in advance, you can certainly prepare for it. Keeping a stain remover handy is one trick that will help you address any damage. Additionally, if your furry friend has a tendency of curling up on your furniture, it helps to have a few spare sheets you can throw on your beds and sofas before they climb on them. This way, even if they create a mess, it’ll be much easier for you to clean it up.

    Does your dog have a flea problem?

    Fleas are undoubtedly the worst nightmare of every dog parent out there. These stubborn, blood-sucking parasites are not only a threat to your pet’s health but also to the cleanliness of your home.

    If you think your pet might be infected with fleas, here are some remedies you can try out at home:

    • Give them a bath with essential oils like neem and tea tree (a lemon bath works well too).

    • Purchase flea shampoos, preferably organic, for washing their fur.

    • Add a few drops of vinegar to their drinking water.

    Checking their paws every time they come back home

    Clean their paws

    It is no secret that all dogs enjoy playing outside, regardless of their age or breed. A little outside time is great for their health as well, as it gives them some much-needed exercise.

    While you can’t (and shouldn’t) restrict your beloved pets from going outside, you can make sure that they don’t bring dirt inside your home. And the best way to get it done is by checking and wiping their paws every time they come from outside. You can keep a separate towel for it, and make sure to wash their feet at least 2-3 times a week.

    Hygiene is an important factor in ensuring your pets live a long, happy, healthy life. And making hygiene a part of your daily care routine makes you a responsible pet parent too!

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