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    Canine bedfellows

    Does your dog sleep in your bed. with you?  Dog parents who answer yes manage to look simultaneously sheepish and proud when they answer. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of sharing your bed with your canine companion?


    Are you willing to put in the effort required to sleep next to your dog? Obviously if you have a health condition or an allergy that springs up around your pet, bed-sharing is a big no. But in general, be prepared for a lot more bed-linen laundry and general tidying up!


    Don’t allow your dog on your bed until he or she is fully house-broken. When you are trying to get your dogs comfortable around the house or when they have yet to be fully toilet trained, keep them in a dog crate near the bed ( made warm with newspaper) but don’t allow them on the bed. Later, make sure your dog gets on the bed when invited and leaves when told to.


    Your dog’s bed privileges depend on his or her behaviour. Bed possessiveness— growling, snapping or barking when you try to approach the bed- has to be discouraged. So also naughty behaviour like chewing up the pillows or destroying the bed linen.


    Does your dog bark continuously in the night? Does he or she wake up repeatedly and wake you up as well? Do you wake up before your alarm clock because of a wet nose in your face? If sleeping next to your dog means you don’t get a good night’s rest, then perhaps sharing isn’t the best idea!


    There’s nothing quite like a furry friend to hug throughout the night! Your dog may help you quieten down, relax and finally be peaceful after a long, hard work day. If so, definitely share with your dog.


    Forget about what you’ve read or heard. This is finally your decision. What makes you happiest? 

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