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    How to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog

    Who said you need a people to date to celebrate Valentine’s day? Dog parents the world over will be the first to tell you that dogs make the ideal Valentine. They love you unconditionally through thick and thin and would spend every single minute of their lives with you if given a chance. Are you one of the lucky few who have decided to spend V-day with your loveable furball? 

    We’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to make sure the two of you have an amazing day.

    Go for a date

    Take your dog out for a special evening walk to his favourite doggie park. If you have friends with dogs, make it a double or even a triple date. If you’re in Bangalore our recommendation would be to go to Therpup – our favourite dog cafe!

    Spoil ‘em with some special treats

    We’re sure your dog loves treats and goodies. Well today’s the day that you can finally get them all their favourite goodies. If you’re willing to try out some awesome homemade doggie treats, check out Dogsee Chew.

    Netflix and chill

    After a long day at work, it’s an absolutely amazing feeling to come back to your dog. Most of the time, we end up working more from home. But today, just take some time out and just relax with your dog. That’s what they want more than anything in the world! Watch some great doggie movies. Our favourites are Lady and the Tramp and Beethoven.

    Take a great photo

    Have photographer friends? Well, get them to take an amazing photo of you and your pooch. You can even take one yourself. Make a memory. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #wagentine. You might even get a free Wagr.

    Cook a meal

    Have you been wanting to cook a special meal for your dog? Don’t wait any longer. Get your cooking hat on and treat your dog to some great home-cooked food.

    Hope this helps you and your dog have an amazing Wagentine’s Day 😀

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