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    How to Celebrate New Year's Day With Your Pets

    It's the start of a brand New Year and our pets can sense our excitement! Celebrating New Year's with your pets can be a fun and memorable experience, especially if you get creative with it! Here are a few ideas for how to celebrate the New Year with your furry friends whether you are staying in or stepping out:

    celebrate new year with pets
    1. Have a "pawty" in the living room: Set up a little party just for your pets, complete with streamers, balloons, and a special "pawty hat" for each of them. You can even play some festive music and serve up some special treats for them to enjoy.
    2. Go on a road trip: New Year’s day is a time for road trips and picnics. Pack your pet’s favourite treats and go on a long calming drive with your furry best friend.
    3. Chill at a pet-friendly resort: Take your pets along with you if you are going for a mini-vacay for the New Year. There are quite a few resorts now that allow your furry friends to come along.
    4. Have a "countdown to midnight" with your pets: Just like you might count down the seconds until midnight on New Year's Eve, you can do the same thing with your pets! Start at 10 or 15 minutes before midnight and count down each minute until it's officially the new year. You can even give your pets little noisemakers or party favors to "ring in" the new year.
    5. Have a midnight snack with your pets: At midnight, when everyone is usually snacking on appetizers and champagne, why not treat your pets to a special midnight snack as well? You can give them a few extra treats or even make a special "puppy champagne" (sparkling water with a few drops of chicken broth) for them to toast with.
    6. Have a pajama party with your pets: Dress up in your coziest pajamas and invite your pets to join in on the fun. You can even set up a little sleepover area with blankets and pillows for them to snuggle up in.
    7. Have a photo booth with your pets: Set up a little photo booth area with props and backdrops, and take silly photos with your pets to remember the occasion. If you are uploading on Instagram, remember to tag @mywagr to be featured!
    8. Have a "fireworks show" for your pets: If your pets are afraid of loud noises like fireworks, you can create your own mini-fireworks show for them to enjoy. Set up a few glow sticks or LED lights and let your pets chase and play with them as they "sparkle" and "explode".

    At the end of it all, just have your pet join in all the New Year’s fun. They are a huge part of our family, and we cannot imagine spending such a special day without them. As long as they are safe and away from loud noises, you can “pawty” all night long!

    Happy New Year!

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