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    Diwali Gifting Ideas for Your Pets? We Have Got You Covered!

    We all know that Diwali is just around the corner. Everybody is busy planning their shopping sprees, vacation getaways, family parties, and making Diwali sweets.

    In the midst of all this noise and chaos, our furry friends are getting excited (or anxious!) with so many people around them to play with. But have you given a thought to their gifts?

    They are a part of our family and they deserve to be gifted too! Fret not dear pet parent, in this post we talk about various gifting options that you can give to your best furry friend.

    Gift of Delicious Food:

    Festivals bring with them a lot of fresh home-cooked meals, so why not include our pets in this celebration as well? You have a lot of options that you could choose from, whether it's the Doggos monster pack or vegan choices from Freshwoof. You could even get instant bone broth for both cats and dogs. Just be prepared for the licks and tail wags coming your way for giving them a delicious gift.

    Pet Tip: You could also make your own meals for your pets, but do keep the food meant for you away from your pet's reach. Not all human ingredients are safe for pets, with some being absolutely fatal if ingested by your pet.

     Gift of Playtime:

    Who doesn't love getting toys as gifts? Refresh your dog's toy or cat's toy collection by adding in some fun squeaky toys from Goofy Tails, or these adorable rope toys from Forfurs. You could also make it more interesting and gift them a treat dispenser so that they get rewarded even during playtime.

     Gift of Healthy Treats:

    Gifting sweets to our family members is quite common, so don't forget to gift a Diwali treats hamper to your furry family members. Try giving them assorted treats such as Pedigree Jumbone, Dogsee Chew Mini Pops, or Temptations Cat Treats, and create your own pet-friendly Diwali hamper.

    Pet Tip: Do keep all Diwali sweets out of your pet's reach. Diwali sweets meant for human consumption can contain chocolate or nuts that are toxic to your pets.

    Gift of Holidays:

    Planning to travel this festive season? More and more resorts and hotels are opening up to pets these days so that you can take your furry companion along with you for your holidays. Your pet deserves to be spoilt with love and attention, and what better way to do that than with a pampering holiday session?!

    Gift of Calm and Serenity:

    Diwali festivities are usually accompanied by noise and firecrackers, so why not gift your pets with serenity? You could provide a safe shelter for them away from all the noise, or pledge with Wagr to protect your pets this Diwali. If possible, do provide a shelter for our streeties too, so that they remain safe from all the crackers.

    Gift of Identity:

    Reports of lost pets are high during festival season, as pets may run away from all the noise. Gift your furry friends personalized collars and name tags with your phone numbers printed on them, so that anyone can call you if they find your pet wandering around. 

    Gift of Love:

    The best gift of them all! Shower your pets with so much love and attention so that they feel safe during all the chaos. If your pets are feeling anxious and cannot cope with the festivities, book a consult with us so that we can help you and your pet.

    Festivals are all the more special when we get to celebrate them with our furry companions. Yes, it can be a time of stress for your pets. but as long as you are there to calm your pet and shower them with love, your furballs will feel safe and happy and even join you in your festivities!

    Here's wishing you all a fur-wali Diwali!

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