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    10 Best Dog Movies: Starring Superhero Dogs, Underdogs & More

    Humans love their dogs, more so because of their unique personalities! We’ve put together a list of the best movies about dogs, for every kind of dog out there! 😀 We promise this dog movies list will leave you in splits, make your heart melt, have you at the edge of your seat and more!

    Marley and Me (2008) | For the ‘world’s worst dog’

    Plot summary: Topsy turvy family life with an adorable troublemaker

    A comedy-drama about an aspiring columnist and his large, messy, goofy Labrador, fondly referred to as the world’s worst dog. One of the best dog movies out there, this one has plenty of laughs and relatable dog-parent moments.

    Balto (1995) | For the underdog

    Plot summary: Shunned dog saves a town

    This animated adventure is based on the true story of sled dogs that transported medicine from Anchorage to Nome during a diphtheria outbreak in 1925. The movie is a light, fantastic take on this event. Shunned by dogs and humans alike, Balto saves the town against all odds.

    Hachi (2009) | For the mostest loyal-est dog

    Plot summary: You’ll wish your dog was this loyal

    Based on the true story of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita that waited for his parent to return everyday at the railway station, long after his death, Hachi is the heart-melting tale of love, loss and the lasting dog-human bond. With a melodic, haunting score that accompanies visuals of the dog’s life, this one definitely leaves a mark.

    Bolt (1995) | For the wannabe superhero dog

     Plot summary: Wannabe superhero dog tries to save dog-parent

    Looking for comedy dog movies? This Disney flick has the cutest animated characters — right from Bolt, the white shepherd trying to rescue his owner to the ridiculously accurate mafia pigeons to the most reasonable alley cat out there. A great family watch.

    Eight Below (2006) | For the dog who survived it all

    Plot summary: Survival drama in Antarctica

    Eight below is inspired by a real-life incident in 1958 where 15 sled dogs were abandoned in Antarctica due to harsh weather conditions. A true testament to the survivors that we all know dogs are, the most beautiful part of this movie is the interaction between the dogs themselves. Gear up to fall in love with Paul Walker all over again.

    Cats and dogs (2001) | For the aspiring secret agent dog 

    Plot summary: Dogs good. Cats bad.

    This live-action belongs to the list of must-watch comedy dog movies. Super spy dogs and cats face off against each other in a bid to control humans. With tummy-tickling voice overs for live animals, the movie is a big help for rainy days.

    The Lady and the Tramp (1955) | For the dog who digs drama

    Plot summary: Rich girl dog falls in love with poor boy dog.

    A Disney animated musical classic from 1955, this movie is still one of the most popular dog movies around. Romance, class-wars and dogs — what more could you ask for?

    Lassie (2005) | For the adventure-loving dog

    Plot summary: This dog just wants to go home

    There have been multiple movies and TV shows featuring Lassie the adorable border collie, but the 2005 version is the most critically acclaimed one. With beautiful locations, a talented cast (*cough* Peter Dinklage *cough*) and a story that explores a wide variety of emotions, this is one of the best dogs movies that appeals to both children and adults.

    Beethoven (1992) | For the family dog

    Plot summary: Dog improves life for the family

    This 1992 movie spawned a number of sequels and spin offs, but the original is one of the best. Featuring a beautiful Saint Bernard that enters the home and hearts of a suburban family. It shows plenty of relatable bits such as parents who initially dislike dogs, but finally come to love them.


    White Fang (1991) | For the dog wild at heart

    Plot summary: Wolf cub learns to trust humans

     Adapted from the novel of the same name, White Fang follows the journey of an orphan wolf cub, as he learns to trust and befriend humans. From living with native Americans and helping his owner find gold to fighting in brutal dog fights, White Fang’s heart-wrenching tale is a poignant one.

    These movies about dogs throw light on their different personalities and teach us so much about them. Don’t miss out on these evergreen dog movies!

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