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    Is Your Dog Home Alone?: 6 Toys To Keep Him Busy

    Wondering how to keep your dog occupied when you’re away at work? Dogs, like humans, can get bored when they’re alone. This can result in excessive barking, destructive behaviour and sometimes depression. Stimulating dog toys can help your pet relieve stress when you’re not with him. Here are some types of home alone dog toys and where you can buy them. All of these are available in India. 

    Home alone dog toy #1: Durable ball

    If you have an energetic dog that loves chasing things, a ball can serve as entertainment even when you’re not around. A regular tennis ball can serve this purpose. However, if your pet is a large dog breed, choose something more durable, specially designed for heavy chewing. This long-lasting toy is a good choice if you have more than one dog.

    You can also go for rubber ones or something with lights so that it piques your pet’s interest.

    Home alone dog toy #2: Specially designed rope

    Chewing and playing tug-of-war with ropes is greatly satisfying for dogs. Apart from helping with teething issues, it also helps relieve anxiety. However, choose ropes carefully or else it can result in a choking hazard. Get specially designed ropes or dog chew toys. These are safe and are perfect home alone dog toys.

    Home alone dog toys #3: With sound-effect

    Toys that squeak or make a noise when chewed or tossed around are especially appealing to some dogs. They find the noise rewarding. These stimulating dog toys can keep your pet busy for hours.

    Home alone dog toys: With treats inside

    Food, as we all know, is a great motivator for dogs. This is why treats form the basis of most stimulating dog toys. Hollow toys or balls with dry dog treats or peanut butter inside can provide lots of stimulation and keep your dog occupied for a long time when they’re home alone.

    Home alone dog toys: Plush animals

    Strangely enough, dogs love stuffed or plush animal toys like kids do. Some dogs like to mother or pet these toys while younger dogs get attached to their toys and use it for teething or comfort.

    Home along dog toys: Interactive puzzles

    We finally have interactive dog toys in India too! Ideal for dogs that need mental stimulation, these are usually puzzles that dispense treat as rewards at the end. They usually require the dog to sniff out treats, tap or perform actions. Here’s a dispenser that works when the dog drops the ball in the socket. Once you teach your dog how it works, the dog will want to play with it whenever bored.

    Always check new toys for hazardous chemicals, loose parts or swallowing hazards. Replace them immediately if they are broken or have sharp edges.

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