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    How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Elevator Rides

    We’ve all experienced claustrophobia at some point. But did you know that your four-legged friends could be claustrophobic, too? The difference is that in dogs, claustrophobia is more a fear of being restricted.

    Does your pet suffer from the same fear? It can be difficult, particularly if you’re living in an apartment at a considerable height and need to use the elevator frequently. In this post, we’ll help you out with some tips and tricks on how to keep your dog calm during elevator rides.

    dog elevator rides

    Make sure they’re calm before the ride

    If your dog has ever ridden an elevator before, they’ll already anticipate what’s coming when you’re going out or coming into your building.

    This knowledge makes most dogs panic to varying degrees. And when they step inside the elevator in panic mode, they won’t feel differently throughout the ride, would they?

    The trick is to keep them calm right before the ride. Don't enter as soon as you approach the elevator and see them panicking. Let a few people pass and wait in front of it; this will reassure them that you will not do anything they’re uncomfortable with.

    Keep them close the whole time

    Dogs see us as their family and when put in a difficult situation, they’d always seek closeness to you.

    Shorten dog's leash during the ride and make them sit by a wall, standing right next to them. This way, you can both comfort them and act as a barrier if they react unpredictably. Also, make sure no part of their tailor leash is caught in the elevator door. Only push the button when you’re both safely inside.

    Refrain from touching them

    Different dogs respond to touch differently. When anxious or nervous, most of them can potentially act out, trying to bite or nip upon being touched. When in an elevator, it’s best not to touch them, especially on their first few trips. You can try to talk to them or praise them on the ride for a calming effect, thus, making the ride easier.

    More than one pet in an elevator? Avoid that.

    There are a few things worse than taking your dog down the elevator for the first time; having another claustrophobic pet in there tops the list. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying two pets cannot be in an elevator at the same time. They can, after sufficient training or experience. But if both are relatively new to it, it’s a recipe for disaster.

    When you’re heading out with your dog and see another pet parent in the elevator, do wait till the elevator is empty. 

    Did your dog have an elevator accident? Here’s how you can handle it

    Being nervous isn’t really ideal for your furball’s bowel movement. It’s better to carry a poop bag with you during their initial rides. It’s also important to help them form positive associations with elevator rides.

    In case you forget to bring a bag, make sure you clean up after them.

    To wrap it up, while elevator rides are not easy for your canine friends, with patience and some help on your part, they can learn to ride in them comfortably.

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