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    Dogs and music

    “Where words fail, music speaks.” –Hans Christian Andersson

    What quote could be more apt than this one while understanding the relationship your furry friend can share with music? Music is a universal language. It can be experienced, felt and enjoyed by all. And your little boy (or girl) is no exception. Dogs enjoy music just as much we do. But as in all cases, the right genre makes all the difference.

    Studies have shown that classical music is the most preferred genre among dogs. The slow and soothing tune has a calming effect on your canines. This causes them to form a positive bond with tunes and rhythms. So, next time your dog is getting a little too playful while you’re trying to organise a meeting via Skype, play some Beethoven and he’ll be tucked away in a corner in no time! Classical music is also recommended to dogs suffering from anxiety. The music tends to slow down the heart race of the dogs which in turn results in the dog becoming calm and composed. (What up, wordplay 😉)

    Not surprisingly, genres like heavy metal tend to cause dogs to bark and show signs of dislike. They may associate it with danger or punishment. However, if you want to have a dance party with your four-legged best friend, go ahead, play some peppy, light and catchy numbers and it will instantly put both of you in a good mood.

    The key is introduction. If you start playing music to your dog when they’re not in a good mood, they may associate music with a negative connotation and may take a much longer time to warm up to it. However, if you trick your dog into thinking that music is like a treat, you’re bound to have many afternoons just relaxing with your pet, listening to your playlist on repeat.

    Music can also give your dog a sense of security. If you have classical music playing around the time your dog is adapting to a new person in your home, or to a dog-sitter, they’re friendlier towards the new people. Or if loud noises and firecrackers are scaring your little one, play some soothing music and they’ll be less anxious and scared.

    So, what are you waiting for? Download a bunch of songs and let music become part an already beautiful relationship you share with your dog.

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