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    Dog Walking in the Rain: A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy

    Should a dog be walked in the rain? Most experts will tell you it’s no big deal. The monsoons come every year but that shouldn’t halt your dog’s daily exercise routine. With our easy-to-follow guidelines, dog walking in the rain can be a safe and fun experience

    Dog Walking in the Rain Tip #1: Let your dog adjust

    Some dogs like Labradors take to water easier than others. But even the wariest dogs can be convinced to go on walks in the rain. Bear in mind that lighting, thunder, wind and muddy puddles of water can make a dog cower in discomfort.

    Implement a reward-based strategy so that he willingly decides to leave the house. Dog walking in wet weather can be preceded by treats leading to the door, positive talk and a generally dismissive attitude to the loud thunder. Be patient and let your dog take his time.

    Dog Walking in the Rain Tip #2: Dress up bright

    This is one of the most important tips for walking dogs in the rain. The skies darken considerably in monsoon, making brighter clothes a necessity.

    Bright coloured dog raincoats or dog umbrellas with reflective slips are essential safety measures for dogs walking in the rain.

    Make sure you’re equally visible and keep an eye on your dog throughout.

    Dog Walking in the Rain Tip #3: Protect the paws

    Wet paws can make a dog susceptible to infection from rainwater and slipping on roads. The best protection for dogs walking in the rain is rain boots or high-quality paw wax.

    Many dogs may need some practice indoors. If that fails, apply wax on the paws while he’s asleep or offers treats to keep him relaxed. After the walk, give the paws a good wipe, especially if your dog loves splashing in puddles.

    Dog Walking in the Rain Tip #4: Make routines flexible

    Monsoons are a time for chaos and traffic jams. Try picking routes that are quiet or avoid going out right after the rain. Avoid congested areas since it is easier to contract infections and allergies in crowds and humidity.

    Alternatively, you can take short walks several times a day. These small changes are necessary when you are dog walking in wet weather.

    Dog Walking in the Rain Tip #5: Keep clean-up routine ready

    Not only do dirty paws mess up the house, but they can also be a health hazard to your dog. Gently wipe the fur and paws with a wet cloth or in case of too much gunk, rinse your furry friend in the shower. Dry him thoroughly with a towel or hairdryer right after.

    If you notice signs of vomiting or appetite changes, it may be due to seasonal allergies. Book online vet consultation on Wagr to receive medications as well as helpful tips for walking dogs in the rain.

    The monsoons are a great time to experiment with new walking routes and bond with your dog. Stay prepared by looking up the daily weather forecast. This way you never have to worry about how to walk your dog in the rain!

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