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    3 Easy DIY Cold Doggie Treats for Summer

    While the blazing heat of the summer months are not easy on any of us, it’s even more difficult on our furred friends, who are restricted to being indoors all day and sorely miss being out and about.

    You’ve gotten yourself an annoyed little canine now, haven’t you? Looking for ways to cheer them up with a treat? Try out these simple DIY cold doggie treat recipes to make your pet’s indoor time more fun!

    Frozen Melons: a fruity breeze to refresh your furballs

    In the scorching heat of the summer months, frozen sweet melons are a welcome snack. But did you know that these fruits are also safe and healthy for your canine friends? Dogs can safely eat both watermelon and muskmelon in moderation, and you can use either in the recipe that we’re about to give you.

    To make frozen melons for your pets, you’ll need:

    • 1 cup of scooped watermelon/musk melon flesh (deseeded)

    • A mixer or juicer

    • 10 grams of yogurt (with its water strained)

    • An ice cube tray


    Scoop up the watermelon/muskmelon flesh in a cup, and remove the seeds. Drop the chunks into the mixer/juicer jar and blend it for 1-2 minutes until it turns into a smooth paste. You can also add some water to make a larger batch. Once the juice is ready, take the ice cube tray and 2-3 teaspoons of yogurt in each cube container. Pour the watermelon/musk melon juice into these cube containers and put the tray in your freezer when done. Leave it inside for a couple of hours, and your frozen melons are ready!

    Pro-tip: Don’t feed your pets more than 4 cubes of these treats in a day, as fruits should only make up 10% of their diet.

    Chhaas Cubes: a frozen buttermilk treat for them

    Did you know that buttermilk (or chhaas) is one of the healthiest dairy products that you could feed your doggo? It has low lactose content, is a great probiotic, and can boost your pet’s gut and digestive health when fed in moderation. This next treat recipe uses buttermilk as its main ingredient.

    To make chhaas for your pets, you’ll need:

    • Buttermilk (plain, unsalted)

    • An ice cube tray


    The buttermilk you use in this treat can be homemade or store-bought. Just make sure that it’s unsalted and contains no spices or flavoring. All you need to do is pour the buttermilk into your ice cube tray and let it sit in the freezer for an hour, and your pet’s summer treat is ready!

    Pro-tip: If your pet hasn’t been exposed to dairy products before, discuss their tolerance towards them with your vet first.

    Frozen Peanut Banana treat: an energizing summer snack

    It is no secret that both peanut butter and bananas rank quite high on the list of a dog’s favorite human foods. One is rich in protein, the other in potassium, and they both do a great job of keeping your doggo happy and energized when fed in moderation. In our final summer treat recipe, we intend to use both these superfoods!

    To make frozen peanut banana treat for your pets, you’ll need:

    • 1 peeled banana

    • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

    • 2 teaspoons of honey (optional)

    • An ice cube tray


    Start by mashing the peeled banana and mixing it with the peanut butter. Mix well to avoid any lump formations. When the mixture is ready, fill your ice tray and put it in the freezer. The treat will only take an hour to solidify and can be served to your furballs thereafter.

    Pro-tip: When buying peanut butter for your pet, pick one without xylitol, as it is lethal to most animals, including cats and dogs. Natural peanut butter is the best choice for them.

    Keeping your furballs cool during summers: tips and trick

    Having talked about cold summer treats for your little friends, here are some quick pointers to keep in mind while preparing and serving these treats:

    • As with all treats, these should also be fed in moderation. If you’re not careful, they could end up gaining weight. It could also invite potential health issues, such as lethargy, lack of appetite, and watery stools.

    • Treats alone are not enough to keep them cool. Make sure they drink plenty of water and refill their water bowl 4-5 times a day. Adding ice cubes to their water can also encourage them to drink more of it.

    • If your dog has a medical history, do talk to your vet before picking a summer treat recipe.

    While summer months restrict your little friends from most outdoor activities, you can make up for it by spending time with them indoors and showering them with love and delicious treats like these!

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