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    Most Popular Dog Food Brands in India

    Are you on the hunt for the best dog food in India? With so many options on the market, choosing the right food for your furry friend can be a daunting task. As a pet owner, you want to ensure that your dog is getting the best nutrition possible to keep them healthy, happy, and active. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top dog food brands available in India and what to look for when choosing the best dog food for your pup. So, let's dive in and find the perfect food for your four-legged friend!

    Orijen Dog Food:

    Orijen uses fresh, whole-food ingredients like free-range meats, fish, and vegetables that are sourced from local farms and waters. This means your dog is getting a natural and balanced diet with no fillers or artificial preservatives. And if you've got a puppy, adult dog, or senior dog, no worries, they've got a formula for all stages of life. Keep in mind, though, that if your dog has a health condition, you should consult with the veterinarian before switching to Orijen. 


    1. High-quality ingredients: The use of fresh and whole-food ingredients makes Orijen a preferred choice amongst most pet owners. This ensures that the food is of high quality and nutritious.

    2. Biologically appropriate: The food is formulated to mimic the natural diet of dogs, which includes a high amount of animal protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrates.

    3. No fillers or artificial preservatives: Orijen does not contain any fillers, such as corn or wheat, which can be harmful to dogs with sensitive stomachs. Additionally, it does not contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, making it a healthier option for dogs.

    4. Good for different life stages: There are different varieties that cater to different life stages and sizes of dogs. Whether you have a puppy, adult dog, or senior dog, there is a formula that can meet your dog's nutritional needs.

      Acana Puppy & Junior Food:

      Acana Puppy & Junior food is a high-quality dog food brand that offers several benefits to your furry friend. They use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, making it a healthy and natural option. Acana Puppy & Junior is rich in animal protein and fat, which are essential for a puppy's growth and development. It also contains wholesome fruits and vegetables, providing your puppy with the necessary vitamins and minerals.


      1. High-quality ingredients: Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, including animal protein, fruits, and vegetables, the food is of high quality and nutritious, providing your puppy with the necessary nutrients they need to grow and develop.
      2. Balanced nutrition: This brand is formulated with a balance of animal protein, healthy fats, and fiber to ensure your puppy's dietary needs are met, which is particularly crucial for its growth.
      3. Grain-free: Acana Puppy & Junior food is grain-free, which means it's an excellent option for puppies with food sensitivities or allergies.
      4. Different Flavors: The brand offers a range of flavors, providing pet owners with a variety to choose from to keep their puppies interested in their meals

      Royal Canin Dog Food:

      Royal Canin dog food is a well-known and popular dog food brand in India. It's a high-quality brand that offers various dog food options, including breed-specific diets, life-stage-based diets, and special diets for dogs with certain health conditions. Most veterinarians have confidence in Royal Canin due to their reputation for being reliable, responsible, and precise in formulating their pet food. The brand has even developed prescription diets that are tailored to address specific health concerns in dogs and cats, such as bladder stones, joint problems, and kidney disease, among others.


      1. High-quality ingredients: Royal Canin dog food is made with high-quality, easily digestible ingredients, including proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers, to ensure that your dog gets the necessary nutrients they need for optimal health.

      2. Breed-specific formulations: The brand offers specific diets for different dog breeds, which are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of each breed.

      3. Life stage-based diets: Royal Canin also offers diets based on the different life stages of dogs, such as puppy, adult, and senior. This ensures that your dog is getting the necessary nutrients for each stage of their life.

      4. Special diets for dogs with health conditions: You can find diets for dogs with specific health conditions such as obesity, digestive issues, and joint problems, which can be beneficial for pet owners who want to manage their dog's health condition with their diet.

       An image of the Royal Canin starter pack, with a close-up look of the kibble

      Farmina N&D Pumpkin Dog Food:

      Farmina N&D Pumpkin dog food is a high-quality and nutritious dog food brand that can be beneficial for your dog's health and well-being. This dog food is considered to be super-premium due to its use of human-grade ingredients and emphasis on cruelty-free scientific research to improve the recipes. As an added benefit, these recipes do not contain any artificial preservatives or controversial ingredients.

      In addition to the pumpkin flavor, Farmina N&D also offers a variety of other flavors such as ancestral grain, prime (featuring chicken and pomegranate recipe), and several others.


      1. Natural and high-quality ingredients: Farmina N&D is made with high-quality natural ingredients, including animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, and pumpkins. The natural and organic ingredients used in this dog food are free from harmful additives, preservatives, and chemicals.

      2. Grain-free: This brand offers grain-free options as well, making it an ideal option for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities.

      3. Digestive support: The use of pumpkin in Farmina N&D Pumpkin can help promote healthy digestion and bowel regularity in dogs.

      4. Different Flavors: The brand offers a range of flavors, providing pet owners with a variety to choose from to keep their dogs interested in their meals.

        Drools Dog Food:

        Drools is a well-known pet food brand that offers a range of dry and wet dog food products in India. The brand has been around for over a decade and is known for its affordable yet quality dog food options. The company's products are made using high-quality ingredients such as real meat and vegetables, and they are formulated to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for dogs of all ages and breeds. Drools also offer grain-free options and puppy food, making it a versatile brand that caters to different needs. The brand is generally popular among pet owners in India due to its affordability and easy availability. 


        1. Affordable: Drools dog food is relatively affordable compared to many other premium dog food brands in India, making it a budget-friendly option for pet owners.

        2. Variety of options: The brand offers a variety of dog food options, including dry dog food and wet dog food, grain-free options, and puppy food.

        3. Quality ingredients: Drools uses high-quality ingredients in their dog food, such as real meat and vegetables, with no added preservatives or artificial flavours.

        4. Easy availability: Drools is easily available in many pet stores across India, making it a good choice to provide as a regular meal option.

          Pedigree Dog Food:

          Pedigree is a popular dog food brand that has been around for over 60 years, offering a range of dry and wet food options for dogs. One unique aspect of Pedigree is its commitment to supporting dog adoption and pet rescue organizations through its "Adopt, Feed, Love" program. Through this program, Pedigree partners with animal welfare organizations to help feed and care for shelter dogs, with the goal of helping them find their forever homes. This unique initiative sets Pedigree apart from other dog food brands and demonstrates the company's commitment to animal welfare.


          • Affordable pricing: Pedigree dog food is generally more affordable than other premium dog food brands available in India, making it accessible to a wider range of pet owners.

          • Variety of options: There is a wide range of dry and wet food options for dogs of different ages, breeds, and sizes.

          • Availability: Pedigree is widely available in pet stores across India, making it easy to find and purchase.

           Image of the Pedigree dog food pack

          Chappi Dog Food:

          Chappi is a popular dog food brand that has been providing affordable, nutritious food to dogs in India for decades. The brand's recipes are designed to provide a balanced and complete diet for dogs, with a focus on using high-quality protein sources.


          • Affordable: Chappi dog food is one of the more affordable options available in India, making it accessible to many pet owners.

          • High protein content: The brand offers a range of dog food products with a high protein content, which is important for maintaining a dog's health and vitality.

          • Easy to find: Chappi dog food is widely available in most grocery stores and pet stores across India, making it easy to find.

            Here's what you need to consider before choosing the best dog food:

            1. Nutritional Needs: Your dog's nutritional needs will depend on factors such as age, breed, activity level, and overall health. Make sure you choose a dog food that is tailored to your dog's specific needs.

            2. Quality of Ingredients: Look for dog food that contains high-quality ingredients, such as animal-based proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid foods with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

            3. Brand Reputation: Choose a reputable dog food brand that has a history of producing high-quality dog food products and has a good track record of customer satisfaction.

            4. Price: While price should not be the only factor to consider, it's important to find a dog food that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

            5. Feeding Trial and Error: Every dog is different and may have unique dietary requirements, so you may need to experiment with different dog food brands and formulas to find the one that works best for your dog.

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