Homemade Dog Food: Healthy Nachos For Dogs

    Homemade Dog Food: Healthy Nachos For Dogs

    Treat your pupster to some nacho night fun with this dog-approved spin on the classic loaded nachos. With hearty ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, and jerky strips, these grain-free nachos make for a complete meal. Let's learn how to whip up this flavourful dish!

    Healthy Dog Nachos

    Ingredients For Puppy Nachos

    (Recipe inspired from @thecedlife)

    • Jerky strips cut into bite-size pieces (as nacho chips)
    • 250g cooked minced chicken (as topping)
    • 1 cup strawberries, chopped (salsa)
    • 1 cucumber, deseeded and chopped (salsa)
    • 1 boiled and mashed sweet potato (cheese substitute)
    • 2 egg yolks (cheese substitute)
    • 1⁄4 cup mashed matar (peas) - for guacamole!

    Step-By-Step Recipe

    1. Lay out jerky strips on a plate. Tear them up into small pieces to look like "nacho chips". For crispy chips, you can bake the jerky for about 10 mins.
    2. In a bowl, mix together the cooked minced chicken, chopped cucumber and strawberries.
    3. In another bowl, combine mashed sweet potato and egg yolks. Remember to remove the skin of the sweet potatoes!
    4. Assembly time! On a plate, arrange the torn jerky chips.
    5. Top with chicken-strawberry salsa mix and sweet potato-egg “cheese”.
    6. Finish with a spoonful of mashed matar (peas) "guac" on top.

    And done! Your pup is sure to devour these grain-free nachos bursting with flavour and nutrients. Adjust portions as per your doggo’s size.

    This recipe takes regular nacho ingredients and gives them a dog-friendly twist. Let’s look at why each component is healthy:

    Nutrition Breakdown of Ingredients

    Jerky Chips: Protein boost without grains.

    Chicken: Lean source of protein for muscles. Provides amino acids.

    Strawberries: Low calorie treat high in vitamins C and K.

    Cucumber: Hydrating veggie that aids digestion.

    Sweet Potato: Great for skin and coat health. Rich in vitamin A.

    Egg: Highly bioavailable protein. Important fatty acids.

    Peas: Plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins C and K.

    Balancing all these whole food ingredients gives your dog a nutritionally complete nacho meal without any filler junk. It’s tasty AND good for them!

    Tips For Feeding Dogs Right

    When whipping up homemade dog food or picking commercial pet food, keep these tips in mind:

    • Look for recipes with named whole food ingredients, not by-products.
    • Lean meats, veggies, some grains/tubers are great. Avoid too much fat.
    • Check labels for proportion of protein, fat, carbs meeting your dog’s needs.
    • Add oils like fish or flaxseed for healthy fats.
    • Hydration is key - provide ample fresh water always.
    • Supplement diet with chewable vitamins if needed.
    • Introduce new foods gradually to check for allergies.
    • Store homemade food safely. Fridge for 1-3 days, freeze longer.

    Let your dog relish these flavour-packed puppy nachos! Getting creative with dog-safe ingredients makes preparing home cooked meals for your doggo so much fun. Whip up a batch over the weekend for wholesome snacking any time!

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