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    Benefits of Pedigree Dog Food for Puppies - Both Wet and Dry

    Just brought a puppy home? Congratulations, for you have officially gotten yourself a mischievous and loyal friend! Puppies grow exceptionally fast, and they need proper nutrition to do so. A well-balanced diet will help your little furball quickly grow into a big, strong dog but choosing the right pet food to help them get there can be a little confusing initially with all the different brands on the market

    Pedigree offers wet and dry food for different breed sizes as well as growth stages. All their recipes are formulated in The Waltham Petcare Science Institute, which uses data and research to improve pet health. And now let’s see what are some of the benefits of wet and dry Pedigree dog food for puppies.

    Benefits of Pedigree wet food

    Nutritional value

    Pedigree wet dog food comes packed with essential nutrients including iron, folic acid, and protein, to support your pup’s growth. Wet food like Pedigree with Chicken Chunks in Gravy is not only healthy but also has a tempting aroma that can make even the fussiest puppy eat. You can mix it with dry food or homemade meals, but it is also enough on its own. Wet food is always higher in water content too, which will keep your pup hydrated and keep their urinary tract healthy.

    Easy to chew

    Puppies have fragile teeth and need to eat soft food. Pedigree wet food is prepared keeping this in mind. The chicken chunks in the wet food are incredibly soft, and mixing them with gravy makes it easier for your puppy to chew especially if they have dental issues.

    Weight management

    Pedigree wet food is an excellent way of maintaining your puppy’s weight while also fulfilling their appetite. It contains fewer carbohydrates and more protein. Pedigree wet food also has high amounts of water and low calories, making it perfect for weight management. 

    Benefits of Pedigree dry food

    Maintains oral health

    Cleaning your puppy’s teeth is hard, especially if they hate the sight of the toothbrush near their mouth. What better way to maintain their oral health than feeding them Pedigree dry dog food? Several studies have found that chewing kibble, or dry food, supports good oral health in puppies. It reduces the chances of plaque or tartar buildup in their teeth. Remember that you’d still have to brush your little furball’s teeth at least twice a week. 

    Another way Pedigree dry food helps your pup’s oral health is by giving them something to chew on. If you are a new dog parent, you will soon witness your puppy’s chewy phase, a time when they will chew anything they can get their little mouths on. This only increases during their teething phase, when their milk teeth fall, and permanent teeth start growing. Feeding them dry food will give them nutrition and maintain their oral health simultaneously. 

    Concentrated source of nutrition

    Pedigree dry food is a concentrated source of nutrition including fiber that supports good digestion. Rich in vitamin E, minerals, zinc, omega fatty acids, and proteins, it is the perfect blend of nutrition and deliciousness that your puppy will find irresistible. 

    Pedigree also has special dry food for large breed puppies that usually grow faster and need more nutrients to stay healthy. It provides all the essential nutrients such as glucosamine, prebiotics, and omega fatty acids, they need while ensuring healthy bone and overall development.

    Now that you know the various benefits of feeding your puppy Pedigree dog food, try different combinations to make chow time more exciting. Mix dry and wet Pedigree, or fresh homemade food with Pedigree to make every day different!

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    Since Pedigree uses chicken, eggs or meat in most of their products, with their number 1 listed ingredient being either of these, their food has enough protein to suit the dietary needs of most dogs.


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