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    Can dogs get Coronavirus – Covid-19?: A complete guide

    The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus Covid-19 as a pandemic on March 2020. Now, pet owners around the world find themselves faced with several questions — Can dogs get coronavirus Covid-19? Can coronavirus Covid-19 pass from dogs to humans? What is canine coronavirus? We’ve broken it down for you:

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently there is no evidence that dogs can infect humans with Covid-19.

    Why the confusion?

    NEWS #1: Two dogs in Hong Kong were tested ‘positive’ for coronavirus Covid-19. The owner of the first dog was infected with Covid-19 and it is believed to be a human-to-animal transmission. Clinically, the 17-yr-old Pomeranian, who passed away, did not exhibit any signs of the disease within or outside quarantine. Same goes for the second dog, a German Shepherd.

    MEANING #1: The virus found on the dog’s nose was as good as the virus found on any other part of the owner’s house. Just like a door knob. Anyone who touches the door knob risks exposure and infection. In short, there is no correlation between the dog’s death and Covid-19.

    NEWS #2: Dogs can contract certain types of coronaviruses but not Covid-19 MEANING #2: While dogs can fall ill from certain types of coronaviruses such as canine coronavirus, there has not been a single case of any dog falling sick due to Covid-19. Canine coronavirus causes mild gastroenteritis in dogs while Covid-19 causes no symptoms whatsoever.

    So, can dogs get coronavirus Covid-19 or can it pass from dogs to humans? The answer for both is NO.


    Coronavirus Covid-19 and dogs: Helpful Tips

    With social distancing, it is only natural that we’ll be spending more time with our dogs. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

    1. Practise basic hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after contact with your dog

    2. Wipe your dog’s paws when stepping in and out of the house

    3. Avoid letting people pet your dog for the time being

    4. Stock up on 30-days of pet food, preventive medicines, cleaning supplies & products  

    5. Make sure your dog is up-to-date with shots, especially if she/he goes to boarding 

    6. Keep your dog mentally engaged with puzzle toys and treat dispensers

    7. Identify a family member or friend who can take care of your dog in case you fall ill

     In case you test positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed:

    1. Restrict contact with your dog so as to avoid getting the virus on their fur, which can pass on to another human who touches your dog

    2. Avoid activities such as petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked

    3. Wash your hands before and after contact and wear a mask

    4. Do not make the dog wear a mask as it restricts normal breathing

    5. Dogs can stay with you if you self-quarantine


    Due to the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of people have abandoned their pets following misinformation. Please share this article to increase awareness.

    Keep updated on developments to keep your furry friends safe, healthy and happy.
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