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    Dog Breed: Rampur Greyhound

    Hailing from Rampur near Delhi, the Rampur Greyhound is a native sighthound breed known to be the successor of the Afghan Hounds. This breed is popularly used in coursing sports and is powerfully built. This post will throw light on their potential as house pets.

    rampur greyhound

    Height: 23-28 inches in males; 21-23 inches in females

    Weight: 27-32 kilograms in both sexes

    Lifespan: about 10-12 years

    Coat: short

    Colors: grey, black, fawn, brindle

    The Appearance of Rampur Greyhound

    Often compared to Arabian Greyhounds in appearance, the Rampur Greyhound has a tall, lithe build with a long, muscular neck, curved back, and deep-set chest. Its legs are long and flexible, paired with equally flexible toes that lets them balance while running at remarkable speeds.

    Rampur Greyhound has a broader skull than most other sighthounds, making its face look fuller. It has a long, powerful jaw and floppy ears set wide apart. This breed has a unique eye placement which allows them to have a 260 degrees of vision, a trait that can also be found in the Chippiparai dogs.

    The Rampur Greyhound’s tail is significantly long, taking up about two-thirds the length of their body. Its fur coat is short, just like the other body parts, with a tapering tip featuring a slight curve.

    The Personality of Rampur Greyhound

    While the Rampur Greyhound might come off as a strong, fast, and vicious sighthound by appearance, their personality is very much the opposite. This breed is intelligent, gentle, sweet-natured, and often considered shy. They’re capable of building a strong bond with their owner and can quickly grow overprotective, although not in a threatening way. Their barking tendencies are also minimal, making them an ideal choice for a quiet companion.

    The Rampur Greyhound is highly energetic and can seem over-enthusiastic at times which might not be ideal for older pet parents.

    Despite their physical prowess and high energy levels, Rampur Greyhounds have often been thought of as lazy due to their unpredictable temperament. They are capable of being boisterous one second and completely calm and relaxed the next.

    Does Rampur Greyhound get along with children?

    The Rampur Greyhound has a gentle temperament despite their lively personality which makes them ideal companions for children. They’re also affectionate towards other dogs and cats. However, if you have an infant at home, it’s best to wait a year before adopting this breed.

    Is Rampur Greyhound an apartment-friendly dog?

    Yes. This sighthound breed does surprisingly well in confined spaces and can easily adjust to apartment life as long as their daily exercising needs are being met.

    Caring for Your Rampur Greyhound

    For breeds that are intelligent, affectionate, and short-furred, caring is generally not a hassle. Is that true for the Rampur Greyhound? Let’s find out!

    Training and Socialization

    Training Rampur Greyhounds is both simple and enjoyable once you form a bond with them. This breed has a high intellect and is also obedient to its owners with a willingness to please.

    This breed requires Intense socialization and should be started young (at around 3 months). If they’re not socialized enough and at the right time, they can grow into distrustful and aggressive adults. Some adults who failed to receive proper socialization have also shown traits of being fearful and underconfident, although those are rare cases.


    Being an athletic breed, the Rampur Greyhound undoubtedly requires plenty of exercise. They’re great runners and always enjoy a good sprint. However, if you’re not a runner yourself, it’s best to take them to run along with you on a bicycle ride.

    Another important thing to keep in mind while prepping for their outdoor exercise is never to let them off their dog leash. While they might be obedient to you, they’re still sighthounds who might try to hunt or chase a smaller animal if one is in sight. It is impossible to train their natural instincts out of them, so taking a preventative measure is a safer choice.

    Grooming and Maintenance

    Rampur Greyhound is a breed that likes to stay clean, which makes grooming infinitely easier for you. Their short fur rarely requires brushing. A weekly gentle brushing is enough to maintain luster and remove dead hair. Further, they’ll also need weekly nail clippings and monthly baths.

    The primary care for this breed is for their oral health. Greyhounds are vulnerable to periodontal disease, and it’s essential to start brushing their teeth early (as early as 6 months, when they’re still teething) and be consistent with it throughout their lives.

    Enjoyed getting to know the Rampur Greyhound? We hope you get one of yours soon!

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