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    Dog Breed: Kanni/Chippiparai

    Wondering why the two names? Both Chippiparai and Kanni are two different names given to the variations of the same breed. The sable dogs of this breed are called Kanniwhile those with a uniformly-colored fur coat are referred to as Chippiparai.

    This post will underline the appearance, personality traits, and living requirements of this desi sighthound breed hailing from Tamil Nadu.

    Height: 25-29 inches in both sexes

    Weight: 16-22 kilograms in both sexes

    Lifespan: about 13-16 years

    Coat: short and sparse

    Colors: White, fawn, tan, black

    The Appearance of Chippiparai

    Chippiparais bear a striking resemblance to Greyhounds and have a similar lithe build. They have a straight, dome-like head with a narrow muzzle, a black nose, and powerful jaws. Their ears are of medium length and can both stand erect or droop to the sides.

    The body of Chippiparai is long and slender with a deep-set chest and upward-curving stomach, which helps them run fast. Their tail is rather long and bony, tapering towards the edge and falling downwards.

    The Personality of Chippiparai

    Chippiparai has extraordinary strength and speed coupled with a surprisingly mild temperament. They generally prefer to stay quiet and you’ll rarely find them barking without cause.

    They’re highly intelligent, have strong instincts, and can grow into loyal and protective family pets. With the right training, you can also make them friendly and sociable towards other animals and people.

    This breed does not particularly get along with children as they lack the warm, playful quality that children often seek. However, if they’ve grown up around children, they will form a close bond with them.

    Are Chippiparai apartment-friendly dogs?

    While people often assume that being a sighthound breed makes the Chippiparai unsuitable for apartment living, the truth is quite the opposite. This highly adaptable breed can adjust fairly well to an apartment lifestyle as long as you make sure their exercise needs are met.

    Caring for your Chippiparai

     Have you fallen in love with these graceful canines already? Allow us to catch you up with their living requirements before you decide to bring one home!

    Training and socialization

    The training and socialization that a Chippiparai receives growing up determine their temperament and personality as an adult, which is why training them properly at the right age is crucial.

    Because these sighthounds have a history of working alone, they can appear to be willful at times. However, they are also extremely intelligent and sharp, and can learn to follow commands quickly.

    Chippiparai is also a territorial breed and must be socialized in the early stages of their lives to avoid having a snappy, temperamental pet.

    Diet and exercise

    As a racing breed, the Chippiparai are supposed to be lean and muscular and cannot afford to gain weight, which is why their dietary requirements are minimal. A working/active breed dog food formula is ideal for their balanced nutrition, along with weekly servings of meat.

    As far as exercise is concerned, this sighthound breed would require plenty of it. It is essential to provide them with two hours of vigorous physical exercise at least once a day.

    Grooming and maintenance

    This breed has minimal grooming needs due to their short, close-lying fur coat. The shedding rate of their coat is fairly low and requires only occasional brushing (once a month).

    Chippiparai is also a breed that likes keeping themselves clean and will rarely get dirty. Bathing them once a month is enough to maintain their hygiene

    With their easy maintenance, high intelligence, strength, and loyalty, it’d be no surprise to us if you’ve already made up your mind to raise a Chippiparai in your home!

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