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    Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

    Hailing from Scotland, the Golden Retriever is one of the most affectionate and beautiful dog breeds we know. These adorable doggos get their name from their lustrous golden coat and exceptional ability to retrieve things. Brought by the English to India, the breed quickly became popular with the Maharajas because of their gentle temperament and excellent trainability. 

    Read on to find out more about their appearance, personality, and caring requirements and determine whether they are the perfect fit for you. 

    Height: 20-22 inches in females; 22-24 inches in males

    Weight: 25-32 kilograms for females; 30-34 kilograms for males

    Lifespan: about 10-12 years

    Coat Type: dense and double-coat

    Colors: cream and all shades of golden

    Golden Retriever Appearance

    The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized breed with a striking double coat. They have a broad head and a strong muzzle. Their eyes are typically dark, and their ears are medium-sized and drooping. 

    The body of the Golden Retriever is well-proportioned and quite muscular. Their legs are straight with powerful hind legs and muscular thighs. However, the most remarkable feature of the Golden Retriever remains its striking double coat. The outer coat is long and firm, while the inner one is dense and impenetrable. The undercoat protects the skin from injuries while the outer coat functions as a guard against rain, heat, and cold.

    Golden Retriever Personality

    The Golden Retriever is a clever and intelligent breed. They are eager to please, calm, and even-tempered, have a stellar sense of smell, and love playing fetch. Their gentle nature makes their training an easy process and loving them easier. However, it also makes them unsuitable as guard dogs. 

    They love to accompany their humans for every activity and are exceedingly loyal. While kind, a young golden retriever can be rambunctious and playful and get along fabulously with children. Due to their calm nature, you can let your kids play with them without any worries.  

    Taking Care of Golden Retrievers

    Figured that these affectionate creatures are ideal for you? Let’s quickly look at their maintenance needs and things you need to keep in mind to care for them.


    Golden Retrievers are omnivores, meaning they can thrive on plant-based and meat-based diets. The diet you give your dog differs as per their height, weight, age, and activities. A balanced diet with suitable amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins is ideal to keep Retrievers healthy and their golden coat shiny. Remember that puppies require more protein than an adult. 

    Golden Retrievers are also prone to food allergies. They can get allergic to any food item in their diet, so you need to observe them for symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is skin problems. It’s also very important to watch their diet closely as they are also prone to obesity. 

    Grooming and Maintenance

    Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders, especially during spring, and thus need daily grooming. Their lustrous double coats also require regular maintenance.  Their teeth are generally healthy, and you should brush them a couple of times a week to maintain their oral health. There are many grooming products for dogs are available online that you can use to groom your retriever at home.

    Trim your dog’s nails at least once a month and check their ears regularly for signs of ear infection. They don’t drool much except when they are hungry or excessively tired. Give your Retriever a bath at least once a month. 


     Golden Retrievers thrive off working. They need to do abundant physical activities to stay happy and healthy. From playing fetch to swimming, they love indulging in sports and games, which make excellent running partners. Another crucial factor is to keep their mind just as active as their body to prevent boredom. 

    Training and Socialization

    Training a Golden Retriever is easy, which is also one of the reasons for its popularity. They are always eager to please and are incredibly obedient. They are friendly with everyone, including strangers, so training them is a breeze. Start training your dog early and expose them to various people and situations to help them become well-adjusted. 

    The Golden Retriever can be the pet of your dreams if you are looking for a dog full of affection and loyalty. Managing their physical activity and allergies can be challenging, especially at first. However, once you get used to it, these dogs will win your heart with their everlasting love and devotion.    

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