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    Dog Breed: The Indian Pariah

    Indian Pariah dogs, also known as Asian Pye dogs, are an ancient breed that has lived in the Indian subcontinent for the longest time. Colloquially referred to as “INdogs” and “desi dogs,” this breed has an ancestry that stretches back to over 4,000 years. Social, adaptable, and energetic, these dogs can be perfect pets for any Indian family.

    Let’s get to know the Indian Pariah beginning with their basic physical characteristics:

    Indian Pariah Dog

    Height: 20-25 inches in males; 18-23 inches in females

    Weight: 20-30 kilograms in males; 15-25 kilograms in females

    Lifespan: about 10-13 years on average

    Colors: Fawn, pied (mixed with black or white), and black  

    Coat type: Short

    The Appearance of Indian Pariah dogs

    Indian Pariahs have a medium-built body covered in a double coat, with the undercoat being much softer than the coarse upper coat. They come in a variety of colors, although the solid fawn color is most common among them; you’ll rarely find a fully black Indian Pariah. One of the most remarkable features about them is their long, erect ears with the tips bending forward slightly, giving them a somewhat fox-like appearance. Their medium-sized tail has a slight curve at the tip but stands straight when these little ones are excited. Indian Pariahs generally have a lean body structure and can grow muscular when provided with moderate exercise regularly. And although their life span ranges up to 13 years, when well-cared for, these dogs can even live up to 15 years.

    The Personality of Indian Pariah dogs

    Now that you have a good idea of what Indian Pariahs look like, would you like to explore what this breed’s personality is like? Let’s get started!

    Are Indian Pariahs adaptable?

    Indian Pariahs have existed in the Indian subcontinent for centuries, and are your best choice when it comes to adaptability. Sporting a short fur coat, this breed can easily live within temperatures ranging between 10-50 degrees Celsius and doesn’t have trouble dealing with even extreme weather conditions. In terms of mental and psychological adaptability, Indian Pariahs are intelligent, social, and alert. They’re quick to adjust to their surroundings and are equally vigilant and watchful, which is why they have a history of working as guard dogs for the Indian police.


    Do they get along well with children?

    With their high energy levels, Indian Pariahs make great companions for children as well. Their energy levels complement that of your kids who can grow quite fond of them in very little time. They are loving with seniors and children alike making them an ideal family pet.

    Caring for Your Indian Pariah Dog

    Do Indian Pariahs seem like the kind of pets you’d want to bring home yet? Well, before you come to a decision, take a look at their basic requirements first:


    Diet and exercise

    Indian Pariahs have survived on hunting and scavenging on small prey for years, which has resulted in their healthy metabolism. While they can also survive on very little food, a diet rich in carbs and protein is ideal for this breed. A healthy diet for these dogs would consist of meat-based food in bulk. But make sure you don’t overfeed them, as Indian Pariahs are known to gain weight quickly, especially when they lead an inactive lifestyle. When it comes to exercise, the Indian Pariah needs plenty. They have both an active body and mind, which means giving them adequate exercise (about 2 hours daily) is a must, otherwise, they might channel that pent-up energy into destructive behavior. Other than daily exercise, it is also ideal if you have a large front yard, park, or field near your place where they can run and play around when bored.

    Training and socialization

    The right age to train an Indian Pariah effectively is between 8-12 months of age. While this breed is a fast learner, not training them when younger could make them aggressive and territorial as adults. Having an instinctive urge to defend their own, this breed must be socialized from an early age so that they grow comfortable and friendly around other people and animals.

    Grooming and maintenance

    As far as grooming is concerned, Indian Pariahs have little to no requirement. These short-furred canines shed very little hair and don’t need frequent brushing or grooming. They do not drool or have a distinct body odor either, which means that bathing them once a month should be enough as a general rule.

    Be it their adaptability, easy-to-maintain appearance, or friendly nature, Indian Pariahs are the great pets you could bring home.

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