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    Breed At A Glance: Rottweiler


    Rottweiler Breed Overview

    • Lifespan: 9 to 12 years
    • Size: Large
    • Maintenance Level: Medium
    • Shed Level: Moderate
    • Temperament: Loyal, Protective, Intelligent
    • Friendliness: Moderate
    • Barking Tendency: Low to Moderate
    • Coat Colours: Black with mahogany, rust, or tan accents

    Best For:

    • Active families or individuals
    • Experienced dog owners who can provide consistent training


    • Muscular and robust body
    • Black coat with distinct mahogany, rust, or tan markings
    • Often have a β€œbobtail” due to tail docking


    • Known for loyalty and protective nature
    • Slow to mature, needing consistent training and socialisation
    • Intelligent, alert, and can be independent

    Care Guide:

    • Grooming: Moderate; regular brushing to manage shedding
    • Training: Essential; responds well to firm, consistent training
    • Diet & Nutrition: Balanced diet; monitor for obesity
    • Exercise: High energy; requires at least 60 minutes of daily exercise
    • Ideal Environment: Best suited for a house with a yard


    • Prone to obesity, hip and elbow dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament rupture, osteosarcoma, gastric dilation volvulus, and entropion
    • Regular vet checkups recommended

    Nutritional Considerations:

    • Caloric intake should be monitored to avoid obesity
    • May benefit from joint supplements for hip and elbow dysplasia

    Behaviour & Training Tips:

    • Strong protective instincts; requires early socialisation and training
    • Can be strong-willed; positive reinforcement training methods work best
    • Good with family but can be wary of strangers

    Grooming Guide:

    • Weekly brushing to manage shedding
    • Regular dental care is important due to strong chewing tendencies
    • Bathing as needed, typically once every two to four weeks

    Considerations for Pet Parents:

    • Suitable for experienced dog owners
    • Requires space and daily exercise
    • May be subject to breed-specific legislation in some areas
    • Good Family Dog: Yes, when properly trained and socialised
    • Intelligence: Highly intelligent and trainable
    • Exercise Needs: High; requires significant daily exercise
    • Social Needs: Bonds closely with family, cautious with strangers

    Curious to know more? Check out our Rottweiler guide!

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