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    Breed At A Glance: Lhasa Apso

    Breed Overview:

    • Lifespan: Up to 15 years, record holder lived 29 years
    • Size: Small
    • Maintenance Level: High, due to coat care
    • Shed Level: ModerateTemperament: Intelligent, Watchful, Affectionate
    • Friendliness: Moderate, can be wary of strangers
    • Barking Tendency: High
    • Coat Colours: Wide range, including black, white, grey, and brown

    Best For:

    • Families or individuals looking for a small, intelligent watchdog
    • Those who enjoy regular grooming and caring for a long coat


    • Height: 10-11 inches
    • Weight: 5-8 kilograms.
    • Distinguishing features: Long, thick coat; flat face and short nose


    • Smart, alert, and can be protective
    • Affectionate with family, but may be reserved around strangers
    • Makes a solid watchdog due to alert nature

    Care Guide:

    • Grooming: Requires extensive brushing, frequent grooming recommended
    • Training: Obedience and socialisation training recommended from an early age
    • Diet & Nutrition: Balanced diet with careful monitoring to prevent obesity
    • Exercise: Moderate exercise needs; enjoys walks and playtime
    • Ideal Environment: Adaptable to various living situations, including apartments


    • Eye Conditions: Prone to PRA, cataracts, glaucoma, and KCS
    • Patellar Luxation: Displacement of the kneecap, common in small breeds
    • Dental Disease: Regular dental care needed due to susceptibility
    • Renal Dysplasia: Hereditary kidney disease; regular vet check-ups advised

    Nutritional Considerations:

    • Omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for skin and coat health
    • Balanced commercial diet, preferably vet-recommended
    • Monitor food intake to prevent overfeeding and obesity

    Behaviour & Training Tips:

    • Personality: Energetic, intelligent, potentially protective
    • Behaviour: Can be barky; may chase small animals due to prey drive
    • Training: Responds well to positive reinforcement; early training essential

    Grooming Guide:

    • Skin Care: Regular baths every 2-4 weeks with gentle shampoo
    • Coat Care: Brush 3-4 times weekly to prevent tangles and mats
    • Eye Care: Daily wiping with a soft cloth; keep hair trimmed around eyes
    • Ear Care: Regular cleaning every 1-2 weeks; check for signs of infection

    Considerations for Pet Parents:

    • Requires significant grooming and coat care
    • Best suited for households without very young children
    • Needs patient training and socialisation
    • Good Family Dog: Better with adults and older children
    • Intelligence: High, excellent for obedience training
    • Cuddliness: Enjoys being close and cuddling with familiar people
    • Watchdog Ability: Very attentive and alert to noises, making a good watchdog
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