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    Breed At A Glance: Indie



    • Lifespan: 12–15 years
    • Size: Medium
    • Maintenance Level: Low
    • Shed Level: Moderate
    • Temperament: Intelligent, alert, social
    • Friendliness: Good with families, cautious with strangers

    Best For

    • Families with or without children, experienced dog owners, those looking for a loyal and hardy pet


    • Weight: 15–30 kg
    • Height: 20–25 inches
    • Lean and muscular build, deep chest
    • Coat Colours: Varies, commonly tan, brown, or rust with white markings


    • Highly intelligent and trainable
    • Loyal and protective towards family
    • Naturally cautious of strangers, making them good watchdogs

    Care Guide

    • Grooming: Minimal grooming needed, occasional brushing to manage shedding
    • Training: Intelligent and responsive, but may exhibit independent behaviour
    • Diet & Nutrition: Adaptable to a variety of diets, both commercial and homemade
    • Exercise: Daily exercise essential, enjoys long walks and playtime


    • Generally a very healthy breed with few genetic issues
    • Prone to skin and ear infections if not properly cared for
    • Can adapt to a range of climatic conditions

    Additional Information

    • Tends to be alert and vocal, especially when guarding their territory
    • Socialisation from a young age recommended to ensure well-rounded behaviour
    • Known for their survival instinct and adaptability in different environments
    • Good Family Dog: Yes, known to be affectionate and protective of family members
    • Intelligence: Highly intelligent and capable of learning quickly
    • Exercise Needs: High; thrives with active lifestyle and space to roam
    • Suitable for Indian Climate: Extremely well-suited to the Indian climate

    Grooming Guide

    • Skin & Coat Care: Low maintenance; occasional baths and regular brushing
    • Eye Care: Regular checks for any signs of discharge or irritation
    • Ear Care: Cleaning as needed to prevent infections
    • Nail Trimming: Regular trimming to ensure comfort and health
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