German Shepherd

    Breed At A Glance: German Shepherd

    german shepherd


    • Lifespan: 10–12 years
    • Size: Large
    • Maintenance Level: High
    • Shed Level: High
    • Temperament: Intelligent, loyal, active
    • Friendliness: Good with family, may be wary of strangers
    • Barking Tendency: Moderate

    Best For

    • Active families and experienced pet owners
    • Those looking for a versatile working dog or a loyal companion


    • Agile and muscular build
    • Typical weight: 29 to 40 kilograms
    • Height: 22–26 inches
    • Double coat that sheds heavily


    • Confident, brave, and loyal
    • High energy and drive for regular exercise and mental stimulation
    • Thrives on training and obedience

    Care Guide

    • Grooming: Regular brushing, especially during molting periods
    • Training: Needs early socialisation and consistent training
    • Diet & Nutrition: Balanced, age-appropriate diet
    • Exercise: Requires intense training and regular exercise


    • Degenerative Myelopathy: Neurological disorder affecting the spinal cord
    • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Joint conditions causing pain and mobility issues
    • Cancer: Various types, including hemangiosarcoma
    • Bloat (GDV): Life-threatening stomach condition
    • Allergies: May manifest as skin or digestive issues
    • Heart Disease: Including DCM and valvular disease
    • Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI): Digestive disorder
    • Pannus: Immune-mediated eye condition

    Additional Information

    • Feeding Recommendations: Balanced diet, avoid overfeeding
    • Training Challenges: Intelligent but requires consistent, positive training
    • Grooming Needs: Regular coat care, especially during shedding periods
    • Good Family Dog: Yes, when well-trained and socialized
    • Intelligence: Highly intelligent and trainable
    • Exercise Needs: High; requires physical and mental stimulation
    • Health Concerns: Prone to specific health issues; regular veterinary care advised

    Grooming Guide

    • Skin Care: Minimal; occasional baths
    • Coat Care: Frequent brushing, especially during shedding seasons
    • Eye Care: Regular checks for changes or signs of disease
    • Ear Care: Clean only as needed to avoid infection

    Curious to know more? Check out our German Shepherd guide!

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