Cocker Spaniel

    Breed At A Glance: Cocker Spaniel

    cocker spaniel


    • Lifespan: 10-14 years
    • Size: Medium (14-15 inches tall)
    • Maintenance Level: High
    • Shed Level: Moderate
    • Temperament: Playful, Sweet-Faced, Affectionate
    • Friendliness: High
    • Barking Tendency: Moderate
    • Coat Colours: 15 different standard colours

    Best For

    • Families and individuals seeking a friendly and affectionate companion
    • Those who enjoy a playful and loyal dog


    • Stands about 14-15 inches tall
    • Characteristically long, furry ears
    • Well-balanced and strong body shape
    • Comes in various coat colours


    • Bred for hunting but also great as a family pet
    • Playful personality and loves companionship
    • Suitable for adults and children

    Care Guide

    • Grooming: Requires regular grooming due to long coats and ears
    • Training: Intelligent and responsive to training
    • Diet & Nutrition: Balanced diet, mindful of overfeeding
    • Exercise: Moderate exercise needs, enjoys walks and play
    • Ideal Environment: Adaptable to various living situations, enjoys being part of family activities


    • Ear Infections (Otitis): Prone due to floppy ears; regular cleaning required
    • Skin Infections: Can occur if long hair coats are not groomed properly
    • Diet: Quality diet essential, prone to obesity without proper management

    Additional Information

    • Feeding Recommendations: Follow veterinarianโ€™s dietary recommendations based on individual needs
    • Training Challenges: Generally trainable; early socialisation recommended
    • Grooming Needs: Frequent brushing and grooming needed
    • Good Family Dog: Yes, friendly and adaptable to family life
    • Intelligence: High, responsive to training
    • Cuddliness: Many enjoy close contact and cuddling
    • Distinctive Features: Long ears and variety of coat colours

    Grooming Guide

    • Skin Care: Routine grooming to prevent matting and infections
    • Coat Care: Regular brushing; thorough rinsing and drying after bathing
    • Eye Care: Routine cleaning to prevent tear stains
    • Ear Care: Regular cleaning with veterinary-approved ear cleanser, especially after swimming or bathing

    Curious to know more? Check out our Cocker Spaniel guide!

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